Monday, 24 August 2015

#Microblog Monday- Be your Brand

Having the power to express yourself, doesn’t that feels great? It feels to me at least. And it makes the other person feel as well. You can surely bet on this. And making the other person feel good with you being the reason behind it, is truly a cherry on the cake. The joy of bringing a smile on other’s face, seeing them happy with something that you just said to them. And by this I mean, genuine words of course!
Not being a sycophant for sure. I read Parul’s post today, and realized I am so much like her in this context, and mind you, she's one wonderful person you'd love to read. And for me, I love to express myself, through my poems, writings, notes, words, non-sense talks.. that’s just me and it feels wonderful.

But for many it’s so difficult to give words to their feelings. For themselves and for the people around them. And it’s actually very difficult for not being able to voice out your inside story.

Imagine, sometimes, I only feel, I don’t express enough, say enough, talk enough!! Then God bless the rest, who’re beginners in this niche.
How about you people? What’s best form for you to express?

Till then,

Happy Reading


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Monday, 17 August 2015

Guiding Way

That night in the desert, when I stood all by myself, with only moonlight to guide my way. The path that will lead me to my goal. I see mountains all over, barricading my way. Giant and majestic. Tenacious and huge. Roaring high and kissing the air. Challenging me to touch the sky. The barren land, far and strong. The turquoise colour and the twinkling stars, shine their way, propelling me to radiate in their flair. O mountains, please lead and show me the right direction, for I am just a dreamer, probing for my inner self and aspirations so obscure!

This 101 word dabble is written for #MondayMusings-Write Tribe

Happy Reading


Thursday, 13 August 2015

Inside Heart

One last time, just open my eyes
And let me see how things rise
The smoke that I fag
With one more drag,
For I can feel the magic it does to my senses
And to fight for it, I have all my ready defenses.
Closed sight, black and white
One last time, I can sense the spark so bright.

My naked lips, all red and lecherous
Inviting for all acts so treacherous
 Seeking for a man who ruins my lipstick
Smudging & spoiling it with his charm so mystic!
Just one last time, roll your fingers on my raw lips
Seduce me and bring sensations that thrills!

My naked ears, my bare skin
Deep down it’s craving for your attention
My life has always been in the dark
Give me some light and show me some spark!
People say, I’ve gone all astray
Girls like me are for men to play
Smoking, drinking, late night outing
Dancing, drooling, getting clicked by pouting
Yes, I love it all for your information
Judge me, label me, or go ahead with your accusation!

For I will always be what I want
It’s my attitude that I love to flaunt!
What else can you say than calling me a slut?!
Please learn to raise your standards or better keep shut!
One last time, I’m fighting for myself
Help me discover and find the lost self!
You may lay your eyes upon me
Bend your legs and sit on your knee
Or trick me to get into your trap
But one last time, I tear away your phony strap!

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Happy Reading


Wednesday, 12 August 2015

From Annie to Fannie :P

Happy birthday to the most brilliant woman I have ever come across.. May God bless you with all the happiness, success and love in the whole wide world.. Done with the clich├ęd line and now comes the flow of birthday wishes from your girls :)

I can’t remember that particular moment when we turned out the Best Friends Forever, but I do remember sharing all the heart-to-heart conversations with you every time we meet. You are the MOST talented persons I have ever met. And the beautiful heart that you have, it makes you even more gorgeous. Your ravishing smile, your enigmatic personality, that art of yours to influence anybody on this planet is terrific. The moment you step your feet at any particular place.. you have all the audience getting all crazy about you.. so much of fan following, irrespective of the fact that they know you or not. 
With all the good looks in the world and the incredible brain that you have, anybody would go gaga over this combination! But that thing in you to stay grounded, and be with everybody makes you even more special. You may not have all the time in the world to sit and relax and chit chat, but I know when it comes to your girls, you will be the first person available to lend your ear, to bring that ear to ear smile, to patiently handle all the woes and vanish all the worries. You know how to bring out the best in people.

The way you care and the way you handle everything that comes in your life- be it your responsibilities as a daughter-in-law, or a wife or at work, and then deliver the best that might be astonishing for people to digest! You truly are an inspiration. You are the world’s best daughter, D-I-L, wife, friend, sister and every title that you have. I am falling short of words to let you know what you mean to me.. I hope you understand the gravity of the sentence when I really fall short of words :P.

How do you do it dude?! I mean, come on! Almost, everybody you meet wants to spend time with you, be your friend, hang out with you for a while, and you know there are people who actually want to be like you.. and there you are friends with us?! You could be friends with anybody you want.. we just got lucky!

I remember the times when I used to be all low, but just the thought of you and your take on problems made me all chirpy and gave the courage to be strong and face them all. See, what wonders you do, without even knowing. That’s the charm that you have baby!

And how can I forget all the silly talks that we have, the endless laughter that we share, till the extent that our husbands get irritated.. all the gossip in the world and sharing our secrets and embarrassing moments :P. Every moment is special.. just like you.

I am literally awestruck with you as a person, bewitched with your persona.. and I know, there will never be anybody like you.. your honesty with what you say and preach, your opinions, your take on things makes you one of my closest confidantes..!! and I am so blessed to have you..
Always be like this babe.. and I am so so so proud of you..

Fannie I’m your fan..!!! You have a million dollar smile.. so always keep smiling.. and no matter what, we are always there for you!!



Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Deserted in a Desert

I moved along with myself, deserted in a desert. Had nobody by my side but my love, my guitar.. with dreams in my eyes and dusk on my shoes, I cross the narrow route, for the path that I have chose.

I know there will be bruises on the way, and I have to follow my vision without going astray. No trees to give me shelter, no winds to show me the way. All I have is the burning desire that satiates my hunger and the sunshine above my head, giving me the company of my shadow.

It is going to be a long troublesome journey, but nothing has ever existed that can break the passion I have to make my own destiny.

For this path will lead to a beautiful end. Where I will rejoice the hardships that I had spend. Where I will be my best companion, who’s learnt to fight for himself and make its own way and relish its own company, without any regrets, without a heavy heart, but only tranquility coming in to make home inside this chaotic soul.

Published in Visual Verse :)

Happy Reading


Monday, 10 August 2015

Monday Journals #3

 O boy..! it’s Monday again.. #MondayMusings makes me realize, Mondays come quite fast.. with the usual morning, and the usual day at work.

You know, every day when I pass the lanes while going on and off from work, there is this CCD that comes. And every time, I think to stop by, grab a coffee and cookie and then reach home. And then comes the realization.. my all time increasing waistline that is not ready to stop at any cost, the sweet tooth that I have, the odd cravings which are so highly unpredictable that can pop up at any odd hour of the day, and not to forget the billions of calories that I feed my body on weekends.. well all these reasons are strong enough to calm my subconscious down..!! and make go straight to home!

But this Monday evening, while returning from work, I thought enough is enough (anyway, I was famished), I thought, once in a while chalta hai, the only statement that I say to myself when I hop on something sinful and scrumptious..

I enjoyed the drive back home with my all time favorite coffee and cookie..

Does this happen with you while returning from work? Do share..

P.S:- It was there on my mind, so thought of posting it. As it is, that is what Monday Musings are for, right?

Till then..

Happy Reading

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Saturday, 8 August 2015

Fortune in the Belly

Standing there, chortling in the corner
Observing things, just like a foreigner.
Gives you joy in spreading your charm
Saving from things that may cause harm!

You stand all straight and steady,
Protruding your belly, spreading the happiness already!
They say you bring wealth and good luck
They say your smile brings joy and happiness that was all stuck
They say you bring peace and harmony in the family
Unravelling all the matters affably!

Carrying a magic stick in one hand,
Holding the pack of happiness that it withstands
The robe that it carries,
Hides the power of all fairies
Delightful it is, for it brings prosperity in the house
Or else people have this habit of non-stop grouse!

That exuberance in the eyes
And the sense of exaltation in the smiles
Blessed we people are
Who have you to take our worries afar
The fortune that you bring
And the praises that people sing
Is nothing but one’s own deeds
That decides the path it leads
For you are there to churn out all the weeds
So that malevolency never gets feeds!
‘Laughing Buddha’, so they say
For some it’s their everything, while for others it’s just a clay!

Happy Reading


Thursday, 6 August 2015

Beyond the Facade

It was Christmas Eve last year when Chaaru was all set to attend the party organized at her friend’s place.

“Where my shirt Chaaru? We’re getting late!!”

“It’s right there in your closet. And I’m ready dude.. you’re the one who’s stuck”

And there they were, Chaaru and Amit, the lovely couple, the perfect couple, all set to appear and spread their enigma.

The party was hosted at Piyush’s place who happened to be friends with Amit and now is equally close with Chaaru. The rest of the gang was all there, all delighted to rock the party and spend an evening worth remembering. Chaaru and Amit, they had a love marriage. Both of them are party freak.. they loved to groove their bodies on music.. they loved booze and hash and smoke and weed and everything that comes with it. The only perfect mantra that they followed was the much clich├ęd, Live and let live!

They were all nuts when it came to each other. They were passionate lovers. Raw and wild. At least that’s what everybody felt about them. But.. you know, there’s always a But! The reality is always something else.

“Guys, enjoying your drinks? Shall I get you some more scotch Chaaru?”, offered Piyush.

“No ya.. I’m good. Where’s Anusha? And Aarti? And Mayank and the rest of them?”

“They are there on the dance floor. Why don’t you join?”

“Of course, I will. Let me grab a drink or two and then you see how the evening turns out to be!”

“I can’t wait to see”.  *Winks winks*

“Come on Amit, let’s go.. I’m all up for it”

“You go.. I’ll join you in a while. I have to catch with a few more people”, said Amit.

“You sure?”

“Of course, sweetheart.. I’m good”


And there she was. Dancing like ice and fire.. Catching the attention of all the invitees with all her curvy moves. She kind of becomes uncontrollable in the heat of the moment. And this is when she’s not high. That’s the first degree of her insanity.

“Hey, Chaaru! You okay?”, asked Piyush (the host of the party)

“Yes, I’m doing absolutely fine.”

“Good, can you come with me for a while. I need to discuss something really important”

“O ya.. sure. Tell me”

And they moved aside, in an isolated corner of the party. Escaping from the eyes of the guests.

“I’m really worried about Priya. I don’t know how to deal with her. She’s always busy. No time for me at all. We’ll be married in a month’s time. And yet I feel I’m a stranger to her”

“What is it? Isn’t she happy? Has she said anything to you? What makes you think like this?”

“I don’t know. She’s quiet most of the times. Doesn’t talk much. Not interested in meeting anybody. Very reserved. If things turn out like this, I don’t how will I live with all this? I mean, who is like this these days?”

“You’re just being paranoid. She seems fine to me. Things will just be fine post marriage”

“No.. You don’t get it. I mean, look at you. You’re just perfect! You hangout with everybody. You stay in the moment and make the most of it. You’re so charming. And the way you dance..!! You know how to steal the show..!”

And there he grabbed her hand and her waist. And locked his lips with hers. Caressing her face and her neck, rolling his hands in her hair. She too was lost in it. Loving what was being done to her. In that passionate minute, they made the best possible move. And there she was, all conscience and back to reality. And so was he. But none of them seemed embarrassed. None of them felt it was strange that it happened.
“Well.. don’t think too much Piyush. You have me.. always by your side. And I always love the way you do me”, she winked and gave a villainous smile to him, making it perfect for him to realize that she loved every bit of it.
Mayank, their mutual friend, saw everything and was shocked to death by witnessing that sight. He narrated all of it to his best friend. He had hint about this, but what shocked him more was the audacity with which they made out, in the open, when all the guests were present in the house, with her husband as well.

Only God knew, what was going on with the two of them? And it only takes a bold move to depict such acts in the public.
I think that is how life is. We seem to be quite normal with the stuff that we do and see around us frequently. But when something happens that is beyond the norms of the society or may be beyond our beliefs and perspectives, all we feel is dumbstruck. Don’t we?

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Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Unleash your Dreams!

Curled up all in green and yellow,
Held a few leaves in hand, that felt like a fellow.
Skin all bare,
Eyes all closed
Ready she was
To discover the dreams so snare!

Reverie, let it come
Hush..! there are barely some
Dare to have a vision
And the courage to make it your mission
For those who dream
Are the ones who make it to the mainstream

Let the power come in your hands
Unleash yourself and witness how everything expands!
Pride and respect, recognition and affluence,
Everything shall follow, powered by huge extravagance!
Dreams.. they do wonders to people
Discouraging to sit and relax
Restlessness and uneasiness, until you reach the max!

For once you reach the epitome of your sight
Complacency is the word, for your future so bright!
And then there will be minds for you to ignite
Experiencing the same would be such a delight!

Written for Magpie Tales: Mag 281

Happy Reading


Monday, 3 August 2015

A Date with Myself!

Late Saturday nights are followed by late Sunday mornings.. and this Sunday wasn’t any exception either. As it was Friendship’s Day, my Facebook newsfeed was loaded with all the photographs, posts, texts, messages.. people celebrating this beautiful day and expressing all of it their besties.. and so was it with whatsapp. It truly is a delight to rejoice your friendship and feel blessed to have all those bunch of beautiful monsters in your life.

I have celebrated Friendship’s Day like crazy, with all my friends and I cherish every moment when I recall those times. But right now, after so many years.. so many things change.. place, work, marriage, kids and the world becomes all upside down, with just one thing remaining the same.. Friendship! It is one thing that keeps me going.. helps me be myself.. gives me the confidence to shine bright each day.. rejuvenates my aura and cheers up my mood.. gives me courage to do things right, make things right.. Yes, all of it is what friendship does to me. 
This time it was all about receiving a few calls, expressing all the love on texts.. not because it’s different, but because, everything has been expressed and told and said like a billion times, and all of us know everyone’s story, that a simple text makes me feel, it’s sufficient.. coz we know what we have in our hearts.

So, as I’ve already told you, I have been busy making friends all my life, I didn’t realize, it’s important for me to be friends with myself first.. enjoy my own company, be my own buddy and discover/do things that I love doing by myself. What better day could it be better than Friendship’s Day? After like ages, it rained this Sunday.. making the city all wet and beautiful and pleasant. Now, in such a lovely weather, how can someone be home? Or may be inside the room, missing the quirky rains outside?! So when A (my husband) decided to curl up in his cosy blanket, I decided to take a shower, get ready and move my ass out of the house. 

And there I was.. exploring all the nearby places, driving at a mere speed of 20-30km/h.. enjoying the lovely rains and the happiness it spreads. And in this amazing weather, how can someone miss bhutta (corn)? My all time favourite.. I can have it at any odd hour.. can never say No to it. Next instance, I was, grabbing myself this mouth-watering bhutta, hot and spicy, freshly roasted. While I was drowned savouring every bite of it, I saw a few kids, polishing people’s shoes and making money out of it. And then they, approached this bhuttawala (corn-vendor) to give them bhuttas, where they were asked to get away, for not having enough money in their pockets.

I felt a lump in my throat. Those tiny sparkling eyes, longed for so much, deserved so much, and yet nothing could be done..

“Hey.. come here..”

“Yes didi..”

“You are how many together?”

“We’re four”

“Where’s the fourth one? I can’t see him.”

“He’s coming.. there he is, making his way, on this busy street”

“You want to have bhuttas?”

“Yes didi.. but no money!”

“Don’t worry. Call your friend as well”

I called the bhuttawala guy and asked him to give one to each one of them

And then came another boy, very young..

“Didi, please.. even I want one”

“Don’t worry, you too can have one”

And there they were, all happy and smiley.. That was the best thing for them and for me that happened whole day. I also asked them to let me take a picture of them altogether. And here’s the reply,

Kya didi, photo nikalogi? Police ko dogi kya?” (What didi, are you taking a picture of us? Will you give it to the police?)

Kids..!! How hesitant they felt in the first instant and then it took a few minutes for them to turn into posers :P

I left the street, roamed here and there, clicked a few pictures.. living every moment with myself. But how could this date be completed without a coffee?! There I was, at a near cafe, relishing every sip and basking in, in that special moment!

Later that evening went by meeting friends. The picture below sums up all.
P.S: Forgot to click the photo of the coffee. :P

What did you do this Friendship’s Day? Leave in the comments :)

Happy Reading


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Saturday, 1 August 2015

Graflections- Gratitude + Reflections

7 months completed already!  Hush..! This year is really up to something! I write the reflections every month and this time, there is this Gratitude month going on, making me think why not?! It's the best combo one can reflect upon. And I think everybody should do it once in a while. 

So here goes my list for the month of July:
  1. My cook for being less absent this month. Yes on a very serious note, she's the one who's absent most of the times. Gladly, this month she was quite regular.
  2. My MIL had to leave the town for some personal stuff (hell No, that's not what I am grateful for!), and thus comes the load all of the responsibilities on my tiny shoulders. Getting the work done, managing the staff and keeping a vigilant eye on everyone. Well, I know what you’re thinking.. it’s not that tough, right? The tough part is getting everything done, without being present! Having classes all day, makes it a bit handy, but I'm glad I learnt it a bit.
  3. Rains this side is a sad state. The entire July had gone and I guess it only rained may be for a day or two. Yeah, it’s that bad! The weather is mostly sunny. But I am thankful for this little rain as well.
  4. O and how can I forget, The felicitation program. It was one of the best days so far, this year. Getting inspired by others and being the reason behind someone's inspiration is like a dream. My students performed really well in the exams and I am so happy to have taught them.
  5. The new batch.. it was a bit handy for the first few days, given the strength of the batch this time, but finally, things are falling in place. I guess hope students are starting to like me getting along with me.
  6. I am so grateful to be a part of this Blog-A-Rhythm.. aka BAR group, which seems so enthusiastic and so much full of energy. One of the best groups I've been a part of! The people there and the discussions, the activities.. everything just lightens me up.. 
  7. I took part in few of the writing challenges.. I did complete a few and left a few. Left, not because I couldn't, but because, writing everyday for one or two challenges compulsorily, was kind of bringing down the quality of my blogpost (that is what I felt). I mean, writing just for the heck of it, and submitting just because I have signed up for it.. I felt it was a bit of injustice to it. I write when I enjoy doing it and I try my best to make it readable for the readers and not just write anything and post it. I hope that clears it.
  8. I've been eating like crazy these days. Odd cravings.. Happens with me most of the times (No.. no pregnancy :P). That was a spoiler for a few times and savior as well for the rest of the times! I am thankful, for getting to eat whatever I want. It makes me and people like us luckier than many.
  9. A few dates with my girlfriends is always a delight. Also, I was able to give my say to the place where I work. It happens with me many times, where I feel very hesitant in saying something. Gladly, I was able to voice my opinion.
  10. Getting to know a lot more bloggers. Plus knowing the fact, that they too visit my blog! I feel grateful. :)
What did you do all month? My list pretty much sums up everything! Drop in your links in comments and I’ll surely visit and read your list of gratitude.
Till then..

Happy Reading

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