Thursday, 6 August 2015

Beyond the Facade

It was Christmas Eve last year when Chaaru was all set to attend the party organized at her friend’s place.

“Where my shirt Chaaru? We’re getting late!!”

“It’s right there in your closet. And I’m ready dude.. you’re the one who’s stuck”

And there they were, Chaaru and Amit, the lovely couple, the perfect couple, all set to appear and spread their enigma.

The party was hosted at Piyush’s place who happened to be friends with Amit and now is equally close with Chaaru. The rest of the gang was all there, all delighted to rock the party and spend an evening worth remembering. Chaaru and Amit, they had a love marriage. Both of them are party freak.. they loved to groove their bodies on music.. they loved booze and hash and smoke and weed and everything that comes with it. The only perfect mantra that they followed was the much clichéd, Live and let live!

They were all nuts when it came to each other. They were passionate lovers. Raw and wild. At least that’s what everybody felt about them. But.. you know, there’s always a But! The reality is always something else.

“Guys, enjoying your drinks? Shall I get you some more scotch Chaaru?”, offered Piyush.

“No ya.. I’m good. Where’s Anusha? And Aarti? And Mayank and the rest of them?”

“They are there on the dance floor. Why don’t you join?”

“Of course, I will. Let me grab a drink or two and then you see how the evening turns out to be!”

“I can’t wait to see”.  *Winks winks*

“Come on Amit, let’s go.. I’m all up for it”

“You go.. I’ll join you in a while. I have to catch with a few more people”, said Amit.

“You sure?”

“Of course, sweetheart.. I’m good”


And there she was. Dancing like ice and fire.. Catching the attention of all the invitees with all her curvy moves. She kind of becomes uncontrollable in the heat of the moment. And this is when she’s not high. That’s the first degree of her insanity.

“Hey, Chaaru! You okay?”, asked Piyush (the host of the party)

“Yes, I’m doing absolutely fine.”

“Good, can you come with me for a while. I need to discuss something really important”

“O ya.. sure. Tell me”

And they moved aside, in an isolated corner of the party. Escaping from the eyes of the guests.

“I’m really worried about Priya. I don’t know how to deal with her. She’s always busy. No time for me at all. We’ll be married in a month’s time. And yet I feel I’m a stranger to her”

“What is it? Isn’t she happy? Has she said anything to you? What makes you think like this?”

“I don’t know. She’s quiet most of the times. Doesn’t talk much. Not interested in meeting anybody. Very reserved. If things turn out like this, I don’t how will I live with all this? I mean, who is like this these days?”

“You’re just being paranoid. She seems fine to me. Things will just be fine post marriage”

“No.. You don’t get it. I mean, look at you. You’re just perfect! You hangout with everybody. You stay in the moment and make the most of it. You’re so charming. And the way you dance..!! You know how to steal the show..!”

And there he grabbed her hand and her waist. And locked his lips with hers. Caressing her face and her neck, rolling his hands in her hair. She too was lost in it. Loving what was being done to her. In that passionate minute, they made the best possible move. And there she was, all conscience and back to reality. And so was he. But none of them seemed embarrassed. None of them felt it was strange that it happened.
“Well.. don’t think too much Piyush. You have me.. always by your side. And I always love the way you do me”, she winked and gave a villainous smile to him, making it perfect for him to realize that she loved every bit of it.
Mayank, their mutual friend, saw everything and was shocked to death by witnessing that sight. He narrated all of it to his best friend. He had hint about this, but what shocked him more was the audacity with which they made out, in the open, when all the guests were present in the house, with her husband as well.

Only God knew, what was going on with the two of them? And it only takes a bold move to depict such acts in the public.
I think that is how life is. We seem to be quite normal with the stuff that we do and see around us frequently. But when something happens that is beyond the norms of the society or may be beyond our beliefs and perspectives, all we feel is dumbstruck. Don’t we?

Linking this post with Blog-A-Rhythm, Wordy Wednesday, with the prompt Audacity.
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6 Discussion

  1. Wow! That was a great response to the prompt. Well written Geetika. I liked how you started with that perfect couple and then all gone.

    1. That's how things exist around us.. and it's always something that can never be seen..
      Thank you for your kind words Parul :)


  2. Steamy!!!...yet controversial issue of our society...

  3. I really didnt think it would end like this when it began..
    Is marriage just a compromise, I wonder!
    Well written :)

    1. For a few it is.. And most of the things in life come in unexpected packages..!
      Thank you so much..

      It's always a pleasure a hear from you :)



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