Saturday, 8 August 2015

Fortune in the Belly

Standing there, chortling in the corner
Observing things, just like a foreigner.
Gives you joy in spreading your charm
Saving from things that may cause harm!

You stand all straight and steady,
Protruding your belly, spreading the happiness already!
They say you bring wealth and good luck
They say your smile brings joy and happiness that was all stuck
They say you bring peace and harmony in the family
Unravelling all the matters affably!

Carrying a magic stick in one hand,
Holding the pack of happiness that it withstands
The robe that it carries,
Hides the power of all fairies
Delightful it is, for it brings prosperity in the house
Or else people have this habit of non-stop grouse!

That exuberance in the eyes
And the sense of exaltation in the smiles
Blessed we people are
Who have you to take our worries afar
The fortune that you bring
And the praises that people sing
Is nothing but one’s own deeds
That decides the path it leads
For you are there to churn out all the weeds
So that malevolency never gets feeds!
‘Laughing Buddha’, so they say
For some it’s their everything, while for others it’s just a clay!

Happy Reading


4 Discussion

  1. wow!! I totally loved the flow of this flawless poem!

  2. Absolutely Well Written Poem . Keep Writing.



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