Saturday, 26 September 2015

#Friday Reflections- 99 Things I Love

Off late, when I saw everybody making their own 99 list, I didn’t give it much thought initially. But now, as much excited I am to list down the things I love, there is something inside me which is more thrilled to know what exactly the list is going to be like. It looks like a fun exercise. Let’s find out:

  1. My Family- parents, siblings all of them!
  2. A of course
  3.  My Dog
  4. Deep conversations
  5. Coffee- hot, cold both!
  6. Red lipstick
  7. Handbags
  8. Wrist watches
  9.  Rains and the lovely smell it brings
  10.   Nature
  11.  Green grass
  12.  My friends
  13. My mom in law
  14. Massages
  15. Long walk (if ever I have them)
  16. Meeting the deadlines- Pressures and challenges
  17. Adventure sports (that includes all of them)
  18. Travelling
  19. Blog
  20. Writing
  21. Clothes
  22. Shoes
  23. Make up
  24. My students
  25. My work
  26. Breezy winds
  27.  Road trips
  28. Chocolate based items- shakes, wafers, cakes, anything!
  29. Meaningful quotes
  30. Laughter
  31. Random acts of kindness
  32. Getting clicked
  33. Getting appreciated and complimented
  34. Food
  35. Exploring
  36. Looking old photos
  37. Good handwriting
  38. Genuine honest people
  39. Passionate people
  40. Finding out the struggles people had to make their lives
  41. Movies
  42. Girls night out
  43. Getting drunk (at times)
  44. Luxury Hotels
  45. Music
  46. Clubbing
  47. Dancing like crazy
  48. Doing weird/unusual things
  49. Shopping
  50. Getting and giving gifts
  51. Clean house, clean kitchen, clean wardrobe
  52.  Snuggling
  53. Waterfalls
  54. Cosmetics
  55. Seeing the brighter side of every aspect
  56. Memories
  57. Getting up early at times
  58. Talking on phone for hours
  59. Board games
  60. Being the reason behind someone’s smile
  61. Fresh fruit juice
  62. Learning new things
  63. Maintaining my journal and ticking off tasks when done
  64. The smile that I see on my student’s beautiful faces
  65. Surprises
  66. My tattoo
  67. Golgappas
  68. Dressing up
  69. To love and be loved
  70. Getting everything that A wishes to have
  71. Pride in the eyes of my parents
  72. Booze
  73. Make over’s
  74. Hand creams and lotions
  75. Perfumes
  76. Inspiring people
  77. Dresses
  78. Accessories
  79. Meeting new people
  80. Sunset
  81. Pestering A ;)
  82. My Birthday
  83. My busy schedule
  84. Long drives
  85. Watching Hollywood series
  86. Good night’s sleep after a tiring day
  87. Talking non-stop
  88. Mimic-ing out people
  89. Things my parents do for me which I often forget
  90.  Receiving a phone call from the person about whom I was just thinking- and mind you that happens quite often.
  91. A big warm hug
  92. Finishing a book
  93. Realizing sometimes that I am not that bad, as my mind constantly keeps yelling at
  94. The way I understand others and make them feel special
  95. Power naps
  96. Moving out of comfort zone
  97. Getting great deals while shopping
  98. Feeling soft hair and smooth skin at times
  99. Making my parents proud, be it about anything

My goodness, there is so much more than I can write out, but the list is over. Why don’t you try this out and share it. It will be surely be fun!
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#Woman Summit- Highlights

It was 5 in the evening when I got a call from Blogadda about the winner announcement of the #WomenPowerSummit contest. You can read the post here. Something inside me was constantly yelling about the results. As they were out quite late, my heart was wishing to know everything and finish this dilemma. When I learned, that I am one of the four bloggers who are invited for the event, believe me, I felt ecstatic. But at the same time a bit anxious as well, as to how I will be able to make it to the event. Juxtaposed at this, plus knowing about it at such a short notice, I doubted I’d be able to make it. Nevertheless, after lot many efforts, and thoughts, I finally reached there.

It was organized at ITC Maurya, New Delhi. The banquet was full of exquisite ladies from all the sectors in the industry. From media and advertising, to writers, to corporate, to teachers, to doctors, to social workers, activists and what not, depicting women have touched every sphere of work today. It was such a proud thing to be there amongst such incredible women. The summit was all about celebrating womanhood, celebrating the Sheroines (and not He-roines) of today and the coming future. There was something or the other that I learnt from the wonderful speakers. All of them had so much to give to the audience, so much to deliver, so much to share.

Maneka Gandhi (Union Minister for Women and Child Development), talked about the millions of possibilities for women, and why in the near future they will make a difference, why it is important to grant a maternity leave for 8 months, and why women should have pre-nuptial agreement before the wedding, why it was important to give support to women in the villages and why women are dependent on men. It was truly enlightening listening her.

Manabi Bandopadhyay (India’s First Transgender Principal), my goodness.. her life had been filled with so much of struggle, so much of hardships, being aloof at all times, being abandoned by her family only to bring her back when she started making money. It kind of left so many questions in our minds about our society and the acceptance towards such individuals that is somewhere missing, that often succumbs the family to leave their own children.

Juhi Chaturvedi (Writer, Piku and Vicky Donor), she was one brilliant Speaker amongst the lot. What an incredible lady she is. Her persona, her outlook towards life, towards her surroundings was worth giving an ear. There was so much to pick from such simple things that happen around us. About life, about old age, about problems. 
For instance, all of us refer to the age of the people (old ones) who are with us rather than treating them as individuals, as human beings, as family members. All we say is so and so is 60 years of age and they should not do these set of things or maybe they are 70 years of age and thus should not eat so many variety of things, shouldn’t go to all the places that they really want to explore, etc. We have these numbers in our minds which make us think in that particular format. Only if we allow ourselves to realize that they too are people and have needs like us, even when they are old. Old age demands time coz they have a lot of free time. Yes, there will always be arguments in the house with the elder generation, but that only depicts that you are involved. We are the ones who see them old and not them who see themselves as old!

Plus, there is no point in sulking and crying as it doesn’t helps and so how much can you cry?! At the end of the day you need to come to being you and get back to track where you left it behind.

In today’s time, pressure is on men to be progressive. Dare they say, that they don’t want their wives to work, dare they say that she can’t go anywhere, dare they allot her duty to only cook. It will only result in their becoming of the scapegoat of everything around. It’s Okay for me to feel something in that manner, but time is such that they no longer can express such stuff publicly!

Bhumi Padnekar (Actor), talked more about battling with your body type. Beauty is state of mind and it is all about accepting who you are. Women today are pressurized to look skiny, to look hot! Girls as young as 12 and 13 don’t eat properly just to maintain their figure, ignoring the fact that there’s more to life than weighing. They are more concerned about their ass, their waistline. Though a recent study claims that the rounder the hip/butt, the broader the brain! I don’t know about the others but it did make me happy! ;)

Well, dealing with your body type, and how it looks, is where upbringing comes into picture. Problem children are problem parents! They’re conditioning them, brainwashing their minds, that if they’re thin they’ll be liked and if not, then people will address them with terms as ‘unfit’, ‘fat’, ‘fatso’. They sub-consciously begin to reinforce and the child loses the weight to be liked their parents!

What we tend to ignore is indulgence is part of being human! What one needs to admit is self-acceptance. “I am happy because that is what I like, no matter  what. And it has to be intrinsic training”. One cannot look how one used to look 20 years ago and just like this, one cannot look something one will look 20 years from now, so celebrate how you look today and everyday and be good  about it! It all will come when we will start talking about healthy we are, rather than how thin or fat we are.

Follow the philosophy of wellness and not thinness!

Another intriguing discussion in this similar topic was why women accept such rubbish husbands, where they are all paunchy but want their wife to be hot and sexy! It’s simply foolish on girl’s part!
Are you getting the grip of event of the event? It was even more fantastic than this!

Ira Singhal (IAS Officer)- woman with disability who topped the IAS exam did it with all the ease in the world. And as far as her case was concerned, she was more like all of us. It’s her words that says, people will tend to look strange things around them and we humans are wired that way, but what you can do is give them a smile and make them comfortable and they will no longer find you strange. That was her mantra to deal with situations! Isn’t that great?

 Dilshad Master (Cancer Survivor) was diagnosed with cancer when her baby was just 9 months old. The incessant spirit to fight everything lead her close to her dreams!

 Bibi Sandeep Kaur (Mother with 80 daughters), started her journey from a terrorist to now being a mother of 80 daughters! Isn’t that incredible?

That’s what life does!
Aditi Mittal (Stand-Up Comedian), was there to steal the show with her wits and fancy! It was one of the most Epic sessions of the event.

Aditi Rao Hydari  (Actor), Amy Jackson (Actor),  Nirmala Sitharam (Minister of State for Commerce and Industry & Minister of State for Finance and Corporate Affairs), Mrunali Deshmukh (Lawyer) and other incredible females threw lights on topics ranging from the Economics in Marriage to designer babies, to the pre-nuptial agreement-why and why not. The highlights were:
  •  One should not greedy in a marriage, but wise enough to stay with your partner and leave him  as well, as need be!
  •  Love, Trust and Respect for each other are three pillars for an everlasting marriage!
  • Have a child when you have a stable and loving relationship with your partner and not make the child a thing to mend your marriage!
O and how can forget to tell you about the mind blowing Spa Break! Yes, all of us got our goodie boxes! 
The Goodie Bag
And a soothing hand and shoulder massage! Can you beat that..! The sight was epic! All the ladies were enjoying themselves and the happiness on their faces was enough to make out the bliss they were experiencing. 
Enjoying my chilled Iced Tea along with massage ;)

After the high tea, there were a few models as well to display the beautiful jewelry by PC Jewellers, followed by another small competition to involve the audience, only to top it with wine and champagne!

Models displaying beautiful sarees and jewelry

Along with the priceless memories, we got souvenirs’ posing ourselves for lifetime.

It was an event worth attending. First event that I attended and I cannot thank Blogadda much! 
Looking forward to many such upcoming events!

Have you ever attended an event like this? Would love to hear your experiences.

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Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Say with Care

Speak carefully for,
Harsh words can’t be taken back

After they’re spoken! 

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Haiku is a traditional form of a Japanese poetry that consists of 3 lines, following a 5-7-5 syllable rule (first and third line 5 syllables, middle line 7 syllables). They don’t necessarily have to rhyme.

Thursday, 17 September 2015

It used to.. But not Anymore!

It hurts no more when minutes and hours and days pass by,
But you don’t choose to say a word.
Our long drives where the only sound that is heard,
Is of the song on the radio!
Or when I say a goodbye wishing you the best for your day
And all you choose to do is walk by without even giving a simple look!
It hurts no more... it hurts no more!

When you secretly stalk your ex and show that it’s all good between us!
When you snap at me for the simple things I do, for the excitement I show, for the love I express, for the laughters that I want to bring!
When I lie beside you all night, trying to curl up in you,
And all you do is shift away, keeping a distance and giving me blues!
When the only thing that I crave for is your gentle touch, filled with love,
Only to realize that you don’t touch me, except when you want to have sex!
It hurts no more... it hurts no more!

When you don’t notice me anymore,
Or even when you do, it’s more about how shabby I am,
How unorganized I stay, how there is no sense of responsibility I have!
That all I do is bicker, pick up random things and have a tiff with you for no reason!
When you say that you don’t feel attracted towards me anymore!
That you have no interest in me or my life whatsoever!
That I should mind my own fucking business!
That I should do, eat, go, dress, buy, do anything in the world,
Without you being around or you giving me any company!
It hurts no more... it hurts no more!

When you don’t talk to me at all... for days!
When you say you get bored with me and deny moving out just because it’s the two of us!
When you refuse to take a walk with me,
Or refuse to hold my hand, plant me a kiss, come near me and make real love!
When I see myself all drowned in you, liking things only for you, and you in return pay no heed to what I have in my heart for you!
The only thing that ever mattered to me was love, was you... but now, not anymore!
For it hurts no more to be a body without soul, to have a life without love, to be all numb while having all the sense!
It hurts no more... it hurts no more!
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Monday, 14 September 2015

Shed leaves.. Only!

Summers have gone by
Leaving above us this clear sky.
No more heat, no more loo
And I’ll be this happy, I had no clue!

The shedding of leaves
Can be seen from the ground
Standing head held high
Look, what a beauty I found!

Passing by this narrow lane
Envisaging the beauty around us
Life should be like this scenic view
Black and white without any fuss!

No hiding of things,
No treachery whatsoever
No speculations at any cost,
True feelings expressed in best of endeavour!

Just think for a moment
What a glory it may bring
No murkiness, no cheating
Only words of praises that people will sing!

As when things stay hidden
Devastation is the only thing they bring!
Why not just come close to the souls you love
Confess and clear things, and rise above!

For later, it will only be darkness in the future
Duskiness stored for the person of your stature
Just like the trees shoves off its leaves
Standing alone and isolated, ready to be taken away by the thieves!

And when you have it all with you,
Please do not go and become an egoist.
For its love and support of people around you
Your work and their blessings equally coexist!

This post is written for Prompt of the month: A feature of Writer’s Ezine

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Saturday, 12 September 2015

Let's create the Legacy!

 “Anmol.. I really need to start with work!”

“Then what is stopping you?”

“Where will I work? There are no corporate houses. It’s a small city, and you know how it is”

“What happened with the website that you were developing?”

“It’s going on, but nothing major. It barely requires anytime. Plus people here do not believe in the concept of taking everything online”

“That, I agree. And what about the interior designing firm that you applied for?”

“That man is a pervert! Plus the locality is not good. Not that I am making excuses, but you yourself won’t like it when you will check out the place. I don’t think it’s safe to work there!”

“Hmm.. Keeping looking then. I am sure you will come up something”

A few weeks later

“You’re getting really handy these days Riya.. what’s going on?”


“As if you don’t know what I’m referring to..”

“I don’t know what you're referring to and I don't know how to explain this, but it’s not in my hands at all! I like to keep myself busy and that is how I have been brought up and I have done every possible thing to keep it that way! And now, with no work at all, I am bound get cranky.. and it’s something beyond my control!”

“You’re saying as if I have stopped you from something”

“Well you haven’t, but haven’t contributed anything either”

“What do you mean?”

“I don’t know what I mean! I am constantly looking for work, but there’s always something that comes from your side. May be the timings, may be the place, may be the distance, may be the liking of your parents.. Mind you, Mr. Anmol Sharma, that is not how it works when one is out there to hunt for a job!”
“OK, I get your dilemma. Totally. Why don’t you start teaching?”

“In a school you mean?”

“Anywhere.. school.. college, whatever suits you”

“We stay in a joint family. Your parents won’t allow me to work with those inflexible hours”

“Then college? But it’s a small city. Not a decent crowd comes. You will get frustrated after a few days only”

“How about a coaching institute?”

“I think you can work that out. Dig in the details and see if that works”


Riya is now working in a reputed institute and is very happy about it. The flexibility in the timing gives her enough time to give it to her family as well as her hobby- sketching. She loves to sketch. She keeps on participating in various social activities and is now part of many creative community clubs. She has organized various events that help people bring out their passion for creative things.
Well that’s not where it stops. She has become one popular bird in her circle. Friends, relatives, community members.. Everywhere! “She’s one lucky girl I must say, otherwise who allows so much of freedom to the woman of the house”, they say, “Well, she’s in a really good place right now”, “One must be involved in some or the other activities.. good she’s involved somewhere and is busy with it”, “Fortunate for her.. She’s getting to work” and the endless number of comments that people say in her near family and circle.

Riya is just another girl who fought really hard to find a way for herself. The consistency and the determination, led her to where she truly belonged. But what is astonishing are the two underlying things in the above mentioned situation. One, when it comes to females, where on earth does the question of allowing them to work come? Who gave men and the society this power? If one wants to work, then it’s totally that person’s matter, what they think about it and how do they want go about it. Especially when it comes to females. Why there has to be a permission that needs to be granted for her to work? Statistics says India ranked 124th (towards the bottom of the 136 countries listed in the 2013 Global Gender Gap Index) and for women’s educational opportunity a ranking of 120 as stated in World Economic Forum, The India Gender Gap Review 2013.

Two, why do people feel that if women are working, it’s fun and she’s lucky? We don’t think like this for men! Do we? Why can’t everybody consider the question of equality? If men are working, it’s their duty and obviously they are bound to work, whereas, if a woman is working, then she’s lucky that her family is allowing or that she must be involved in something or the other so as to while away her time.

It’s kind of weird!

We do talk about equality that is given to them, but we barely treat them equally. And these are certain things which are expected out of her to do and she too takes them as her duty. The power of societal norms and the shebang where patriarchy rules, it gets difficult to put women’s needs first!

After delivering the baby, it’s quite obvious that a mother will stay home and take care of the baby till the time the baby has grown enough to be left at home. Why doesn’t this same thing can be done by men? Willingly taking a break from their work and be a stay-at-home dad, with consent only, and let women be the primary breadwinner. What is the problem in that? It’s a very rare thing to happen in India, but then why not?

Women are underpaid. In every sector. Not even the Bollywood has spared it. The highest paid amount for an actor is somewhere around 50 crores and for the best actress in the industry the highest amount is just 11 crores! It is all about breaking the stereotypes. Males dominate every possible industry.. be it music, airwaves, film, defense and the list continues. Most of the music videos are produced by men, no major movies are directed by women, no major record label is being headed by a woman. And the worst part is, they are only seen as sex objects!

To an extent men control women’s lives and women also succumb happily to this system. Decisions as basic as what they should wear when visiting a distant relative, should they continue their friendship with their male friends, the time till which they can stay out of the house, meeting friends in the absence of their husband at an odd hour as 10 in the evening, seeking permission from men when circumstances want them to travel to various parts of the country or may be overseas, explaining the need for them to travel and with whom along with the particulars of stay and travel details are a few things that come as a barrier in their way.
Now, for once, let’s turn the tables, and keep men in place of women and then think of these circumstances. I don’t think any men would need to give a justification to anybody in the house even if he wants to grab a pint of beer with his lousy friends at 11.30 pm. Or if it’s about his work, God knows, how many secret Bangkok trips have been planned in the name of making hard earned money, which the wife prodigally spends and has absolutely no idea how is he making the money, err, how is he languishing the money! And yes, it is a business trip. We mustn’t question them!

It was once; when one female, as innocent as a lamb, had no idea what Thailand was all about. All she missed was her husband’s absence, when in no time, in one of the casual meetings with her girlfriends she discovered truth behind the business trips or I must say the pleasure trips. On confronting and threatening that she would complain about it to his parents, he obviously played the emotional card.

No women want to be treated specially. All she wants is to be treated equally. Be it the queues or the seating arrangements or the reservation in anything. Be it about sharing the bill, or lifting a heavy thing (an extra hand will do no harm, but completely boycotting is not done), OK yes, men are physically stronger than women, but who knows giving them proper training might do wonders! Also, sharing the business details and seeking for ideas and insights, sharing the parenting duties equally!

Give us what you give men, without any special benefits. I'm not saying treat women like men. The point is treat them equal, with equal rights, that’s it! I think men understand the difference between the two terms, specially and equally! I mean treating them specially only for having a vagina instead of balls, is quite uncanny! Don’t you feel?
This post is written for India Today Woman Summit 2015 and I am blogging for the India Today Woman Summit 2015 #WomenPower activity at Blogadda.

And I nailed it.. Yipeeee..!   

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Thursday, 10 September 2015

Community Functions are Injurious to Health.. :D

 Community get to-gathers.. How do you find them? OK.. first let me specify what are they and then I can load you with questions about them.

So community get to-gather is a gathering of all the people of that particular community who come together in the name of socializing, which they barely do! All they are interested in is know what’s going on in the other persons house, may be a new gossip about somebody, and if by any chance they don’t get anything worthy gossiping about, they start over what one is wearing or what one does at their place all day and then give their super-duper-unnecessary-not-so-good-opinion about it. What I wonder is, how difficult it is to talk something that makes sense.. Like civil people, like educated individuals.. I mean, I don’t think it’s too much to expect.

So community functions!

Well I detest them.. big time! I don’t like the community, I don’t like the people in there, I don’t like the shit they talk, and I really have a problem standing them! Literally!

The kind of conversations that have.. it’s irritating! That’s the reason why I always avoid such events as much as possible. And of course, in the middle of all the aunties, what do you expect?
And it is not just the conversations that bother me; it is their low level mentality that ridicules me! Even after sitting on millions of rupees in their house, they fight for a gift as petty as 20-30 bucks.. it’s annoying.

And the absence of team spirit.. why is it that females lack it? A game is a game.. why to make it big and go down to the lowest possible level in order to win it.. Well, making a fair attempt to win is no problem, but doing hideous things for it is what disgusts me..

I recently attended one such event, and mind you, I’ve decided to never attend it again! My experience was funny than frustrating! What surprised me was, all the females, who come from the upper class, yes, the stinking rich kinds, they doing such petty things, makes me laugh out loud on them..!!
You’ve lived more than half of your life and you’re still there.. uncivilized, low mentality people! And the shouting during the games.. and not agreeing to the terms and conditions of the activities.. I feel handling a kid’s party would be fun than entertaining these empty head ladies..
The problem is not what they do, the problem comes when you’re expected to gel up with them and make conversations. When one is not able to stand the other person, how will he/she be able to talk anything at all?!
Sigh..! Anyway, has it ever happened with you? Or are you able to understand what I’m referring to? Or what are community gatherings like? Do let me know if you’ve experienced such stupid events!

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Wednesday, 9 September 2015


Blue waters by the bay
She’s ready to float in that ocean
Reposing her body!  

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Haiku is a traditional form of a Japanese poetry that consists of 3 lines, following a 5-7-5 syllable rule (first and third line 5 syllables, middle line 7 syllables). They don’t necessarily have to rhyme.

Monday, 7 September 2015

Nerds in Herds.. #MondayMusings

I’m really humble with people,
At every point of time
What I don’t get is,
Why do they behave so grime!

It’s courtesy what I’ve learnt,
Its being polite what is taught
It’s respecting other’s opinions is what I believe in
Then why do people tend to walk all over, and think it’s a win!

Let me talk and voice my opinion
Listen to the point and then draw conclusion
Without knowing the whole story,
Please don’t create any confusion!

Subtlety is mistaken for being weak
Kindness is replaced with being fake
What virtue is it that they understand
Let me know, and I promise, it’ll be all your command!

Ignore the pride and come to reality
You are nothing but a bunch of a skite
Allow the freedom of speech to others as well
Or else they also possess the power to bite!

People, they’re weird species
Patience, tolerance, forbearance are a few words
Which gets so difficult to understand
For these clump of herds!

I sigh sometimes and forego it
For when time will come
They’ll automatically learn it.
All I await is for that time to come
When there will be virtues like
Maturity and sensibility to name some.

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Saturday, 5 September 2015

It's Gone!

Why ponder on what’s gone?
When you have it in your hands

Build something very strong!

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Haiku is a traditional form of a Japanese poetry that consists of 3 lines, following a 5-7-5 syllable rule (first and third line 5 syllables, middle line 7 syllables). They don’t necessarily have to rhyme.

Thursday, 3 September 2015

Musings by the Sea

It was a bright sunny morning, when the boat was ready to sail
Father squalled, and called out my name, asking me to reach without fail.
Its full father, with so many people on it, I exclaimed
Don’t bother, just sit down, I promise you won’t be maimed!

The sand on the shore, and the stones hurting my feet
Handed me a collection of shells so neat!
The girl next to me is trying to make way
Moving a little forward and ready for the sway!

The bucket in my hand
And the thrill in my eyes
All set leave
This city full of spies!

Thousands of sailors have come together
Giving wings and not just feather
Wandering their hearts, chasing their dreams
Filled with hope and a fighting spirit it seems!

It’s going to be a bouncy way ahead
Rippling and riding over its head
In some hours, I’ll be at the other end of the world
So close to my desires, ready to be unfurled!

It happened all in a jiffy
Hoping it doesn’t get iffy!
Coming so close to what I’ve always wanted
Just a little more effort, my heart said undaunted

You’re very close to your destination
Get ready for this incredible revelation
For giving up will leave nothing in your hand
So keep your head high and take your own stand!

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Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Reflections- August

I feel I have missed so much. Last week was more than crazy. I had a few important submissions, tests and other classes to schedule. Writing took a backstage for the whole week and I felt miserable about it. I’ve missed reading so many of you last week :(. Sometimes I wonder how do you manage at all to write at this spectacular consistency?! I really need to learn this. Any suggestions please? Second part of the week was spent in my hometown. With the family, with all the close relatives and the joy of being with people who I love so much during festival couldn’t be any better!

This month gone too... I wonder what the hell is wrong with time?! The month started with friendships day and it was a day well spent. Seeing the smile on the faces of those children cherishes me every time I think about them. A few celebrations here and there and I were all energized! Two of  my posts got published which I wrote this month. I was more than happy. It does give you a push, at the moment when you feel a little low about yourself. The last prompt from Magpie Tales, was the kind of write that I had never written before. A little BOLD. And people really liked it. This month I’m hoping to write more on that.

Some odd eating habits creeped in me. I wasn’t enjoying the regular meal being cooked at home and thus I ended up eating outside on almost each day: P.

I love to shop... who doesn’t? :P This month I picked up lots of stuff and enjoyed every bit of it. I saw Baahubali and Drishyam. Baahubali.. the graphics were spectacular, but beyond that there was nothing that excited me. The second part of the movie, it’s plot and the strategies used were inspired from Game of Thrones. No it wasn’t much, just a part of it. Made me wonder what has happened to the taste of people around me. Drishyam, on the other hand, was truly engrossing. The plot, the characters, the acting, the story... gripping it was. One brilliant movie in a long time.

As much as I was stuck with other important stuff last week, I got a good break from blogging. And this month I’ll try to stick with my writing regime. Not to mention August gave me so much!!

I think that’s it for now. What did you all month? What movies did you watch? How were the rains? There were hardly any here, that’s why I didn’t mention any :P.
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Till then

Happy Reading

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