Thursday, 10 September 2015

Community Functions are Injurious to Health.. :D

 Community get to-gathers.. How do you find them? OK.. first let me specify what are they and then I can load you with questions about them.

So community get to-gather is a gathering of all the people of that particular community who come together in the name of socializing, which they barely do! All they are interested in is know what’s going on in the other persons house, may be a new gossip about somebody, and if by any chance they don’t get anything worthy gossiping about, they start over what one is wearing or what one does at their place all day and then give their super-duper-unnecessary-not-so-good-opinion about it. What I wonder is, how difficult it is to talk something that makes sense.. Like civil people, like educated individuals.. I mean, I don’t think it’s too much to expect.

So community functions!

Well I detest them.. big time! I don’t like the community, I don’t like the people in there, I don’t like the shit they talk, and I really have a problem standing them! Literally!

The kind of conversations that have.. it’s irritating! That’s the reason why I always avoid such events as much as possible. And of course, in the middle of all the aunties, what do you expect?
And it is not just the conversations that bother me; it is their low level mentality that ridicules me! Even after sitting on millions of rupees in their house, they fight for a gift as petty as 20-30 bucks.. it’s annoying.

And the absence of team spirit.. why is it that females lack it? A game is a game.. why to make it big and go down to the lowest possible level in order to win it.. Well, making a fair attempt to win is no problem, but doing hideous things for it is what disgusts me..

I recently attended one such event, and mind you, I’ve decided to never attend it again! My experience was funny than frustrating! What surprised me was, all the females, who come from the upper class, yes, the stinking rich kinds, they doing such petty things, makes me laugh out loud on them..!!
You’ve lived more than half of your life and you’re still there.. uncivilized, low mentality people! And the shouting during the games.. and not agreeing to the terms and conditions of the activities.. I feel handling a kid’s party would be fun than entertaining these empty head ladies..
The problem is not what they do, the problem comes when you’re expected to gel up with them and make conversations. When one is not able to stand the other person, how will he/she be able to talk anything at all?!
Sigh..! Anyway, has it ever happened with you? Or are you able to understand what I’m referring to? Or what are community gatherings like? Do let me know if you’ve experienced such stupid events!

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8 Discussion

  1. Yeah I tend to avoid functions like that. No one has time for that! ;)

    1. I know.. and there is no need to make time for it as well..!!


  2. I have not yet experienced such issues. However, your write up is really catchy.

    1. Thank you so much Ajay..!! It means a lot!


  3. Sure functions like these are meant to drive us crazy!! I recently avoided one :D

  4. Oh yes! I know exactly what you're talking about. I avoid them like the plague!

    1. Yeah.. that's the right word.. plague.. how do you get the exact words, I want to know!



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