Saturday, 26 September 2015

#Friday Reflections- 99 Things I Love

Off late, when I saw everybody making their own 99 list, I didn’t give it much thought initially. But now, as much excited I am to list down the things I love, there is something inside me which is more thrilled to know what exactly the list is going to be like. It looks like a fun exercise. Let’s find out:

  1. My Family- parents, siblings all of them!
  2. A of course
  3.  My Dog
  4. Deep conversations
  5. Coffee- hot, cold both!
  6. Red lipstick
  7. Handbags
  8. Wrist watches
  9.  Rains and the lovely smell it brings
  10.   Nature
  11.  Green grass
  12.  My friends
  13. My mom in law
  14. Massages
  15. Long walk (if ever I have them)
  16. Meeting the deadlines- Pressures and challenges
  17. Adventure sports (that includes all of them)
  18. Travelling
  19. Blog
  20. Writing
  21. Clothes
  22. Shoes
  23. Make up
  24. My students
  25. My work
  26. Breezy winds
  27.  Road trips
  28. Chocolate based items- shakes, wafers, cakes, anything!
  29. Meaningful quotes
  30. Laughter
  31. Random acts of kindness
  32. Getting clicked
  33. Getting appreciated and complimented
  34. Food
  35. Exploring
  36. Looking old photos
  37. Good handwriting
  38. Genuine honest people
  39. Passionate people
  40. Finding out the struggles people had to make their lives
  41. Movies
  42. Girls night out
  43. Getting drunk (at times)
  44. Luxury Hotels
  45. Music
  46. Clubbing
  47. Dancing like crazy
  48. Doing weird/unusual things
  49. Shopping
  50. Getting and giving gifts
  51. Clean house, clean kitchen, clean wardrobe
  52.  Snuggling
  53. Waterfalls
  54. Cosmetics
  55. Seeing the brighter side of every aspect
  56. Memories
  57. Getting up early at times
  58. Talking on phone for hours
  59. Board games
  60. Being the reason behind someone’s smile
  61. Fresh fruit juice
  62. Learning new things
  63. Maintaining my journal and ticking off tasks when done
  64. The smile that I see on my student’s beautiful faces
  65. Surprises
  66. My tattoo
  67. Golgappas
  68. Dressing up
  69. To love and be loved
  70. Getting everything that A wishes to have
  71. Pride in the eyes of my parents
  72. Booze
  73. Make over’s
  74. Hand creams and lotions
  75. Perfumes
  76. Inspiring people
  77. Dresses
  78. Accessories
  79. Meeting new people
  80. Sunset
  81. Pestering A ;)
  82. My Birthday
  83. My busy schedule
  84. Long drives
  85. Watching Hollywood series
  86. Good night’s sleep after a tiring day
  87. Talking non-stop
  88. Mimic-ing out people
  89. Things my parents do for me which I often forget
  90.  Receiving a phone call from the person about whom I was just thinking- and mind you that happens quite often.
  91. A big warm hug
  92. Finishing a book
  93. Realizing sometimes that I am not that bad, as my mind constantly keeps yelling at
  94. The way I understand others and make them feel special
  95. Power naps
  96. Moving out of comfort zone
  97. Getting great deals while shopping
  98. Feeling soft hair and smooth skin at times
  99. Making my parents proud, be it about anything

My goodness, there is so much more than I can write out, but the list is over. Why don’t you try this out and share it. It will be surely be fun!
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20 Discussion

  1. Isnt this prompt so much fun? Enjoyed reading your list, Geetika!

    1. Yes.. too much fun.. and I loved reading yours Shilpa!


  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Amrit!
      You should try it too!


  3. Fabulous list - golgappas yes!! yes! yes! pride in the eyes of parents - beautiful. and soft hair and skin - it makes the day - hai na? :)

    1. Haan na Parul..!!! Of course it does!
      I started craving for golgappas after mentioning it yesterday :P


  4. Love your 99 love list! Thanks for joining us for #Fridayreflections!

    1. And I enjoyed yours :) The pleasure was all mine :)


  5. I imagine your parents must be very proud. I also love the smell of rain and many other things on your list like dancing! Thanks for taking part in this list making it's been fun this week reading all the lists. You made me smile #Fridayreflections

    1. Thank you so much Mackenzie.. The pleasure was all mine :)


  6. I am almost scared to take this challenge up because I am scared I won't get 99 and would be so disheartened. But happy to see so many wonderful things on that list... :D Keep smiling and dancing!

    1. O you will.. That's what I thought before taking up the challenge, but when I started it, I had so many more things to jot down!
      Thanks a ton :)


  7. Oh boy! That's quite a list :) I have half a mind to try it out

    1. Make it full and write it out Sid :)


  8. Yay! Love it girl! Thats a great list!!

  9. What a brilliant list. I still haven't gotten around to writing this. Maybe I should, it looks so much fun and satisfying :)

    1. Thank you so much Jaibala.. you should try it out!


  10. Replies
    1. Haha.. yes it is :)



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