Monday, 7 September 2015

Nerds in Herds.. #MondayMusings

I’m really humble with people,
At every point of time
What I don’t get is,
Why do they behave so grime!

It’s courtesy what I’ve learnt,
Its being polite what is taught
It’s respecting other’s opinions is what I believe in
Then why do people tend to walk all over, and think it’s a win!

Let me talk and voice my opinion
Listen to the point and then draw conclusion
Without knowing the whole story,
Please don’t create any confusion!

Subtlety is mistaken for being weak
Kindness is replaced with being fake
What virtue is it that they understand
Let me know, and I promise, it’ll be all your command!

Ignore the pride and come to reality
You are nothing but a bunch of a skite
Allow the freedom of speech to others as well
Or else they also possess the power to bite!

People, they’re weird species
Patience, tolerance, forbearance are a few words
Which gets so difficult to understand
For these clump of herds!

I sigh sometimes and forego it
For when time will come
They’ll automatically learn it.
All I await is for that time to come
When there will be virtues like
Maturity and sensibility to name some.

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22 Discussion

  1. That's powerful! Very well said.

  2. Very true indeed! Thanks for sharing.

  3. I know I'm not the first to say it, but I find it interesting that we call it "Common Sense" when it seems sensible people are so rare. Nice poetic rant!

    1. Yeah.. most of the people don't seem to have it at all..!!!
      Thanks Traci :)


  4. As opposed to popular belief, maturity is not something that comes with age -_-

    1. Yeah,.. and why is it that it is many adults who seem to have it less than their younger generation? Just saying though..


  5. I have unliked a lot of pages and stopped reading comments on many platforms because of negativity and rude comments. You have beautifully expressed what was going on in my mind.

    1. That sounds wonderful Rajlakshmi! That is what the purpose of writing is.. being able to connect with your readers.. and I am so glad you could relate!

      Thank you so much!


  6. Oh, me too - you have very elegantly put words on thoughts Ive had from time to time...! Some people can be unbearable. Arrggg... Nicely done:-)

    1. Yes.. they're unbearable most of the times! :P
      Thanks a lot Eli :)


  7. Powerful and sensible. Lovely lines, Geetika. :)

  8. Fabulous one! I loved it when you said listen to me first. So true.

  9. Oh, there are soooo many insensitive, rude, callous, pompous people around and take pride in being so. And I personally know two who dont have an iota of the so called good values! Sigh!!

    1. That's what the reality around is.. sad and true..!


  10. the best is to forego as you have correctly mentioned. and I already knew that you are humble to people. :P


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