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#Woman Summit- Highlights

It was 5 in the evening when I got a call from Blogadda about the winner announcement of the #WomenPowerSummit contest. You can read the post here. Something inside me was constantly yelling about the results. As they were out quite late, my heart was wishing to know everything and finish this dilemma. When I learned, that I am one of the four bloggers who are invited for the event, believe me, I felt ecstatic. But at the same time a bit anxious as well, as to how I will be able to make it to the event. Juxtaposed at this, plus knowing about it at such a short notice, I doubted I’d be able to make it. Nevertheless, after lot many efforts, and thoughts, I finally reached there.

It was organized at ITC Maurya, New Delhi. The banquet was full of exquisite ladies from all the sectors in the industry. From media and advertising, to writers, to corporate, to teachers, to doctors, to social workers, activists and what not, depicting women have touched every sphere of work today. It was such a proud thing to be there amongst such incredible women. The summit was all about celebrating womanhood, celebrating the Sheroines (and not He-roines) of today and the coming future. There was something or the other that I learnt from the wonderful speakers. All of them had so much to give to the audience, so much to deliver, so much to share.

Maneka Gandhi (Union Minister for Women and Child Development), talked about the millions of possibilities for women, and why in the near future they will make a difference, why it is important to grant a maternity leave for 8 months, and why women should have pre-nuptial agreement before the wedding, why it was important to give support to women in the villages and why women are dependent on men. It was truly enlightening listening her.

Manabi Bandopadhyay (India’s First Transgender Principal), my goodness.. her life had been filled with so much of struggle, so much of hardships, being aloof at all times, being abandoned by her family only to bring her back when she started making money. It kind of left so many questions in our minds about our society and the acceptance towards such individuals that is somewhere missing, that often succumbs the family to leave their own children.

Juhi Chaturvedi (Writer, Piku and Vicky Donor), she was one brilliant Speaker amongst the lot. What an incredible lady she is. Her persona, her outlook towards life, towards her surroundings was worth giving an ear. There was so much to pick from such simple things that happen around us. About life, about old age, about problems. 
For instance, all of us refer to the age of the people (old ones) who are with us rather than treating them as individuals, as human beings, as family members. All we say is so and so is 60 years of age and they should not do these set of things or maybe they are 70 years of age and thus should not eat so many variety of things, shouldn’t go to all the places that they really want to explore, etc. We have these numbers in our minds which make us think in that particular format. Only if we allow ourselves to realize that they too are people and have needs like us, even when they are old. Old age demands time coz they have a lot of free time. Yes, there will always be arguments in the house with the elder generation, but that only depicts that you are involved. We are the ones who see them old and not them who see themselves as old!

Plus, there is no point in sulking and crying as it doesn’t helps and so how much can you cry?! At the end of the day you need to come to being you and get back to track where you left it behind.

In today’s time, pressure is on men to be progressive. Dare they say, that they don’t want their wives to work, dare they say that she can’t go anywhere, dare they allot her duty to only cook. It will only result in their becoming of the scapegoat of everything around. It’s Okay for me to feel something in that manner, but time is such that they no longer can express such stuff publicly!

Bhumi Padnekar (Actor), talked more about battling with your body type. Beauty is state of mind and it is all about accepting who you are. Women today are pressurized to look skiny, to look hot! Girls as young as 12 and 13 don’t eat properly just to maintain their figure, ignoring the fact that there’s more to life than weighing. They are more concerned about their ass, their waistline. Though a recent study claims that the rounder the hip/butt, the broader the brain! I don’t know about the others but it did make me happy! ;)

Well, dealing with your body type, and how it looks, is where upbringing comes into picture. Problem children are problem parents! They’re conditioning them, brainwashing their minds, that if they’re thin they’ll be liked and if not, then people will address them with terms as ‘unfit’, ‘fat’, ‘fatso’. They sub-consciously begin to reinforce and the child loses the weight to be liked their parents!

What we tend to ignore is indulgence is part of being human! What one needs to admit is self-acceptance. “I am happy because that is what I like, no matter  what. And it has to be intrinsic training”. One cannot look how one used to look 20 years ago and just like this, one cannot look something one will look 20 years from now, so celebrate how you look today and everyday and be good  about it! It all will come when we will start talking about healthy we are, rather than how thin or fat we are.

Follow the philosophy of wellness and not thinness!

Another intriguing discussion in this similar topic was why women accept such rubbish husbands, where they are all paunchy but want their wife to be hot and sexy! It’s simply foolish on girl’s part!
Are you getting the grip of event of the event? It was even more fantastic than this!

Ira Singhal (IAS Officer)- woman with disability who topped the IAS exam did it with all the ease in the world. And as far as her case was concerned, she was more like all of us. It’s her words that says, people will tend to look strange things around them and we humans are wired that way, but what you can do is give them a smile and make them comfortable and they will no longer find you strange. That was her mantra to deal with situations! Isn’t that great?

 Dilshad Master (Cancer Survivor) was diagnosed with cancer when her baby was just 9 months old. The incessant spirit to fight everything lead her close to her dreams!

 Bibi Sandeep Kaur (Mother with 80 daughters), started her journey from a terrorist to now being a mother of 80 daughters! Isn’t that incredible?

That’s what life does!
Aditi Mittal (Stand-Up Comedian), was there to steal the show with her wits and fancy! It was one of the most Epic sessions of the event.

Aditi Rao Hydari  (Actor), Amy Jackson (Actor),  Nirmala Sitharam (Minister of State for Commerce and Industry & Minister of State for Finance and Corporate Affairs), Mrunali Deshmukh (Lawyer) and other incredible females threw lights on topics ranging from the Economics in Marriage to designer babies, to the pre-nuptial agreement-why and why not. The highlights were:
  •  One should not greedy in a marriage, but wise enough to stay with your partner and leave him  as well, as need be!
  •  Love, Trust and Respect for each other are three pillars for an everlasting marriage!
  • Have a child when you have a stable and loving relationship with your partner and not make the child a thing to mend your marriage!
O and how can forget to tell you about the mind blowing Spa Break! Yes, all of us got our goodie boxes! 
The Goodie Bag
And a soothing hand and shoulder massage! Can you beat that..! The sight was epic! All the ladies were enjoying themselves and the happiness on their faces was enough to make out the bliss they were experiencing. 
Enjoying my chilled Iced Tea along with massage ;)

After the high tea, there were a few models as well to display the beautiful jewelry by PC Jewellers, followed by another small competition to involve the audience, only to top it with wine and champagne!

Models displaying beautiful sarees and jewelry

Along with the priceless memories, we got souvenirs’ posing ourselves for lifetime.

It was an event worth attending. First event that I attended and I cannot thank Blogadda much! 
Looking forward to many such upcoming events!

Have you ever attended an event like this? Would love to hear your experiences.

Happy Reading


6 Discussion

  1. OMG! That is one power packed event you've been to, i personally love most of those women. And your pics look amazing. Rock on girlfriend :-) :-) :-)

    1. Thank you so much!!!! and it is so great to hear from you!!


  2. I am so so proud of you Geet!
    I wish I could do something like this with my writing.
    Keep up the good work!

    1. You can do so much more than this Mansi... and I know this in my heart!
      Thank you so much sweetheart..


  3. out of the list I have only heard of Maneka Gandhi.. so thank you so much for introducing so many big personalities who are doing such a good job..

    Bibi Sandeep kaur .. incredible...


    1. All of them were incredible.. I was so glad to be there!
      Thanks :)



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