Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Office Woes

I know you work here
Under my strict supervision
For you know you’re my slave!

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Haiku is a traditional form of a Japanese poetry that consists of 3 lines, following a 5-7-5 syllable rule (first and third line 5 syllables, middle line 7 syllables). They don’t necessarily have to rhyme.

Monday, 26 October 2015

Self doubt? I'm sure it bothers!

The thought on Corinne’s post today struck me somewhere. So many times it happens when we want to do anything particular, try something new, something that we have never done before and it is out of our comfort zone as well! The thrill does runs into our blood, and in a tad of time, a single sentence pops up and we leave it!

What is that single sentence? And who uttered it to us? Our mother? Only if she had any idea about it! Our father? Only if we dared to discuss it with him. Our siblings? Only if we shared that conversation 24*7. Then who? Our friends? Did they stop us from doing what we wanted? But why will they stop? They’re the first set of people on earth who make us criminals in the first place! Then who else is left?

O.. yeah..!! How can I forget to mention about my, err, our alter-ego! Well yes.. the inside us.. who knows every minute detail of our lives and keeps us knocking apart from what we want to do! Yes, it does tells us right things as well at times. But like I said, at times! It surely helps us stay grounded, but who wants to go underground?
Self doubt is the worst enemy I guess. For we try to keep the first brick of self confidence.. and there it comes from nowhere, smashing away all of it..! And, we adults are not the only victims of it, children too have a lot of this! But how come these toddlers at such a tender age pick it from? Well no prize for guesses, it’s obviously us! I think we really need to think before acting and saying things before them! They really pick fast!

So what can be done, in order to cure this malady of self doubt? Saying/writing affirmative sentences could help.

I looked for a few. Some did scare me as well, but then if your dreams don’t scare you, may be they’re not big enough!

I thought of sharing them with you..
How do you deal with self doubt? What things do you say or write to yourself? Want to share any trick? Feel free :)

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Friday, 23 October 2015

Love Tales

“I doubt there will be anything!”

“But, why do you say that?”

“Because I know him”

“Yes.. I know.. But you should never give up.. never lose hope.. never lose faith in him..after all it’s your birthday! I’m sure he must be having some plan”

“No.. he doesn’t! I am not losing faith in him. It’s just that I have accepted him the way he is. And he is not a mushy kind of person! Gifts, flowers, making me feel special is not his zone.. Simple. And I am not mad at that”

“I don’t understand”

“You needn’t to”

2 weeks later

“How was your birthday sweetheart?”

“My goodness..!! I don’t know where to start from!! It was just so special”

“I can see that in you sparkling eyes.. Can’t wait.. give me details”

I can’t believe it, he did it!!”

“Did what?”

“Oh my God..!! We went for dinner with our friends and it was very normal. There were separate cakes.. from friends and him of course. But that is still fine. After dinner, we were home. Like every other night we return from dinners, I went to the kitchen to get water bottles and he opened our room. When I entered, it was dimply lit. I didn’t see anything then. As I was completely inside, I saw a huge bunch of roses on our bed with a beautiful card, and chocolates-  my favourite ones.. and perfume.. O you know how much I love them! It was a moment of pure bliss. And he had decorated the room with our photos all around! I felt ecstatic!”

“Wow..!!! That is so sweet of him. He really cares for you and loves you to the core”

“I bet he does.. and I am so happy”

Written for Wordy Wednesday

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If you will annoy her
Silence, is the only treatment
She'll torture you with!
Written for Haiku Horizons

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Haiku is a traditional form of a Japanese poetry that consists of 3 lines, following a 5-7-5 syllable rule (first and third line 5 syllables, middle line 7 syllables). They don’t necessarily have to rhyme.

Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Frightening Glory

The days were bright and night was cool,
Dazzling sky in the night and sunshine in the noon.
Flowers and petals,
Trees and leaves,
Ready to swirl and play and wave,
I climbed on them and became so brave!

The green grass beneath
And that pretty lass in the corner
Devoured in sunbath
Mellowed with her book,
Snooped from the corner of her eye
Caught my eye sight and locked it there!
She knew then and there
About my mundane glare!
All she did was smile at me
And in an iffy, she heard my heart’s plea!

I moved around the city and enjoyed its sight
The hustle and the bustle gave me a fright!
The rattling sound of engine, the chattering of children
The voice of the vendor, and the music so loud
Exploring the routes full of crowd,
I reached my house and entered the room
From the narrow window, I savored the beautiful view!
Looking from a height so above,
It’s terrifying and thrilling to see things I love.
The mankind looks like a toy from here
Moving cars, walking beings, flying birds
A perfect sight, I completely endear!

But one fine day, when I enter the house
Devastation is the only thing that I found
Broken chairs, hammered rooms,
Destructing my dreams, gifting me wounds
Collapsed should I say,
Crumpled walls or crumpled voice,
It’s hard for me to figure it out!

Earthquake they say who did this to me
I’m responsible for it, is what my heart utters
You disturbed your mother,
You destroyed her, just to get an impeccable view from above!
You shattered her in ways you can’t think of,
It’s just a warning, she tends to give!
For you need to wake up from your fantasy,
And protect her like your child
Or else, there will be no glory
But only things full of spiflicated stories!

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Look around.. Explore the Togetherness!

Phone and laptops.. they matter so much to us. Don’t they? They’re our best friends.. after all, they are the ones who help us complete our projects, they are our only resort where we can go any time we want after hearing a No from everyone around, they are the ones who truly stand by our side! And of course, not only for our academics or office work, they give us company when everybody else refuses to, they give us their time on a long holiday when everybody is busy visiting places. Probably, the only comforting factor in the house which keeps our sanity alive! 
If not for our laptops, imagine, how would we ever come to know the chivalrous Jon Snow? How will we have ever witnessed the conquests of the brilliant Sherlock Holmes? How would we come to know how Ted narrated how he met his kids' mother, and where would we see and learn all the scheming and friendship at the same time if not for Serena and Blair? Of course, movies are a complimentary! Then why does everybody around us keeps on nagging about the lives that are being affected by these gadgets.

This year, I got a birthday wish from my uncle who stays in Australia. It was great hearing from him. One of my friend isn’t doing well from quite a long time and yet she managed to surprise me with a bundle of gifts? Where did she get them from? She ordered online, isn’t this obvious? It looks good and sounds perfect to me at least!

But what’s annoying is, when I am in the middle of a conversation with my bestie, and her phone vibrates, or I am taking the class and a student gets distracted because of that small device in his pocket, or may be I am sharing a very intimate moment or sharing my heart out probably and suddenly an uninvited person comes in between, not physically, but yes, virtually! I feel like smashing them! Seriously!

The problem comes when this starts happening too often, with too  many people, at too many occasions, and becomes a  regular business! No doubt, we’re connected with the ones who are not with us now but what about losing the ones whom we really are. As they say, we realize their presence only when they’re absent!

I see a young child longing for his parent’s attention, who're too busy to reach the next level of Candy Crush, friends meeting for coffee end up on their phones, students whiling away their time and ignoring their parents when they give them some not-for-good-advice, because they are busy their gadgets!

Something is going wrong.. don’t you think? It’s not normal.. and if this doesn't stop then we will never ever feel connected with ourselves! For its not the virtual friends or people who will come rescue us in the middle of the night, but the ones with whom we stay in the house or in the neighbourhood, who will be first standing with us!

I totally enjoyed watching this video. You too have a look.. I’m sure you’ll end up smiling!

Let’s take a moment from our lives and discover RealTogetherness around us!

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Friday, 16 October 2015

Beauty and the Beast

I think the prompt for this week’s Friday Reflections is quite interesting! Don’t you think?

So many times we’ve turned pages, read articles, written about them as well on how the color or the skin tone is totally immaterial, how it is the internal beauty that matters and not vice-versa.

When was it when I learnt it? Ah! I remember when I was a child, in one of the school books or I guess maybe I eavesdropped somewhere, or my grandma gave me this learning that beauty will fade away one day. Once you get old, it will not be the looks that will stay with you but a beautiful heart that will be there! That got indelible in my mind, forever. I had friends who were pretty.. or let me confess, way prettier than me.. I was nothing. I was dark, I had short hair, my mom used to apply hair oil on a regular basis and send me to school. I’m sure you got the picture of how I looked! I wasn’t a very bright child either. So the esteem issues were always there.

Actually, it didn’t mattered much to me.. but it did matter to the others. My heart always reminded me of how I should welcome good thoughts and be a good person, help others, take care of them, never make fun of them, etc etc. Yeah, sometimes I did curse my looks, but like I said, sometimes.

I saw people being charmed so much with the looks of other people. And I always had it inside, that they’re not permanent, so chill. And who knows, behind that beautiful face, may be a not so very good person is hidden. As they say, looks are deceiving. Well.. Yes, they are!

Sometimes we do judge a person on how they look, but the moment they open their mouths, I think that’s where they realize the mistake they make in the first place.

Looks do a lot of good, but they just don’t matter to me! No matter how beautiful or handsome a person looks, as long as they’re rude, and arrogant and obnoxious and stubborn and obstinate, they don’t value to me at all. Greedy as well! I don’t like selfish people. I don’t like people who judge others the moment they see them. And hypocrites are the biggest turn-offs. Looks like, I don’t like quite a category of people around me.

I am always tempted by the goodness in the heart, the innocence in the eyes, the altruism, fair genuine appreciation is always welcome and so is healthy criticism but no mind games!
I remember I really wanted a pet when I was a child but didn’t have one then. Thanks to A, he got one last year. But by that time, my adulation towards pets was over! I only liked them as long as they were neighbours’ or relatives’ or anybody else for that matter. But A simply loves them. Like crazy. Period. “A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself”- is what his Whatsapp says! :P
From morning till evening, the only thing I think he think about is our dog. But as you all know, as I have a big and a beautiful heart at the same time (*winks* *blush* ^_^) , I’ve started to love our dog. Cooper, well call him. And he’s such a cute thing when he came. Petite then and now a grown up.

I love to spend time with him. I love to play with him. And mind you, he’s very naughty and extremely sharp. And he’s not lazy, quite the opposite of his breed. He’s a Labrador. The whole family treats him like our own. And now, he’s the center of universe in our house. No matter how anybody else is feeling, but master Cooper should always be comfortable. It was his birthday last month, and I was ordering a few stuff for him online. Usually we order/bring one or two things at a time. But this time, it was different. We ordered so much stuff for him. When my MIL asked, why so many things for him, I timidly cued her about Cooper’s birthday!

He’s now our bundle of joy! Those innocent eyes, that fierceness if somebody else plays with his toys, the incessant wagging of his tail when A is home, the happiness he feels when he have eggs.. It’s all out of the world!

I think I’ve written way to much as for one post.

Time to hear from you. Do you love pets? Do you have one? What’s their name? what’s more important to you, looks or heart? I’d love know from you.

P.S: I totally enjoyed writing this one. Thanks Janine for such a beautiful prompt!

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Wednesday, 14 October 2015

HE's watching!

“I don’t know what’s wrong with grand ma?”

“Why? What happened Rumi?”

“She’s become so cranky these days. Doesn’t eat anything at all”

“Did you see a doc?”

“She’s absolutely fine. But nothing gets down her throat. Not even the tiniest particle. And even if it does, uneasiness takes the upper hand”

“She must be so restless these days”

“I bet! She can’t stand, she can’t walk, she can’t eat, she doesn’t like watching TV, she doesn’t like doing anything at all. She wants to eat lots of things, but the moment she takes a bite, she starts puking. Plus the pain that comes along”

“That sounds excruciating!”

“Yes, it is”

And there in the corner, Rumi’s mother eavesdropped to the conversation between two friends. She didn’t smile, she didn’t react. But deep down, she knew the reason behind her MIL’s contrite. She reminisces her youth.. the day when she got married, where she was welcomed straight into the kitchen, rather than her bedroom. Getting all the vessels done, preparing the food for 50 people in the house, and sleeping without eating anything because nothing was left and she wasn’t allowed to cook for herself, hitting her head coz it wasn’t covered, abusing her for getting enough dowry, yelling all day at her, scorning at her in front of their guest and mocking at her tan skin tone, throwing away the plate decorated with fresh scrumptious food coz she got 5 min late in entering the dreadful kitchen, and on and on and on! The instances were plenty. She can’t be done this soon for what she had done in the past. As they say, what goes around comes around!

Rumi’s mother knew very well in her heart, the cause of this suffering. And she knew that it’s not the end! For, God watches everyone. And her MIL hadn’t paid all the dues yet!

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Tuesday, 13 October 2015


It’s over, I said
Now nothing can heal the scar 
Scar of betrayal!

Written for Haiku Horizons

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Haiku is a traditional form of a Japanese poetry that consists of 3 lines, following a 5-7-5 syllable rule (first and third line 5 syllables, middle line 7 syllables). They don’t necessarily have to rhyme.

Monday, 12 October 2015

Reflections- September

Yes..I know I’m a bit late for this, but then, better late than never! I was going through this phase which I’m sure all of you experience. Finding that inspiration to write, or sincerely making an effort to hold that pen and scribble a few thoughts, trying to push so hard and yet not able to get a single word on paper! Yes.. that was going on with me. Work was equally busy, but it wasn’t like I didn’t have time to write. Of course, I did.. But, like I said.. it just wasn’t happening. Egging on to read other’s blogs was not coming out at all. And I simply hate this phase. I knew I was missing so much and yet it was serene for me?! Weird feeling it is.

Anyway, September started with a blast with a wonderful Teacher’s day celebration! Not to mention, it only happened in my class, and all the surprise was planned by my dear students! A wonderful handmade card, with beautiful messages written inside.. My Goodness, it was a feeling that can’t be penned in words. 

And imagine, I had to take test that day. Okay, stop rolling your eyes.. I’m not that bad.. the test didn’t happen.. Obviously, it got cancelled!

That same day, before entering the class, I was so annoyed with the entire system, the area where the institute is located is really congested and so parking becomes a major issue. That very day, I had to struggle so much to find the space for parking, plus the annoying shopkeepers who don’t want to co-operate at all, and seeing the lady driver, all one can see is, Oh! Females.. they don’t know how to drive!, kind of look..! It’s graveling!

I won’t teach only.. will change my workplace for sure! With this thought when you enter the class and see that beautiful card on your desk automatically melts you down, and it instantly changes your mind! For it’s the students who matter and not anything else! Bliss!
September was indeed a lucky month. I attended the Women Summit and it was fantastic. You can read about it here. The results announced were pretty, giving no time to make the reservations and stuff. Realizing the fact it’s too late, I had almost said a No to the authorities, but A insisted to go for the same, even if I have to leave at 12 midnight. These small things automatically make my day. Even if I had not attended the event, I was still happy to know someone is there who care about stuff that matter to me.

Two day break, with the event, late night party, shopping, meeting friends with after a really long time and coming back only to be welcomed by my favourite set of people. Boom! What else do I want?!

Life is good. Only if you feel so!

Later part of the month was about watching a few movies and trying to bring back the lost reading habit: P

That is how September treated me. What did you do all September?

P.S: Sorry for not reading your blogs, but don’t I’ll compensate for sure :)

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Saturday, 10 October 2015

#FundAhamBhumika- They need US

Sometimes when I have these odd cravings, and I’m able to quench that thirst most of the times by being able to devour myself in all of them, makes me do some thinking. Lucky I am! Not that otherwise I don’t think in that manner. But yes, we are privileged. The problems that we usually think we have is that we don’t have the new dress for the upcoming party, or new pair of shoes to go with the skirt we bought last week, the dinner prepared  at home isn’t delectable enough to savour our taste buds, the lousy husbands we have who don’t listen to us, don’t go shopping, didn’t go with us for our favourite movie, the harridan mother-in-law, for once we couldn’t go to our favourite place because of bad weather, our holiday was limited in India only, and the list is eternal!

I think we’re wired that way. We only tend to cry for things we don’t have. Like I teach my students, human wants are insatiable!

We don’t count our blessings. The zillions of things that go in the right direction (and by right direction I mean, in a normal expected way), snub them and decide to crib for something we don’t have. For instance, we did not meet an accident, isn’t that great?!, we have staff to take care of things, we did not trip while bathing today, did not fall from the staircase, we don’t have lines on our foreheads when it comes to filling our tummies for we have the resources, we don’t have to think about the pen refill that need to be bought next week, we don’t have to use the same pair of shoes for five years in a row, we don’t need to think for socializing, we just buy stuff when we like them and not when we need them, the savings from the pocket money is used in things that dad refused to provide (isn’t it obvious that he thinks it’s a waste of money and hence we have to sponsor ourselves to waste that hard saved pocket money?!), we can read, we can write, we are well spoken, of course we went to fancy schools and then college and had all the fun, bunked classes, teased our teachers, and what not?! Everybody should experience all this, right? And have a normal life.

There uncountable number of children of who do not have this luxury and that is where AhamBhumika comes into picture.

What is AhamBhumika?

It is an NGO, a group of like minded people that consists of artists, housewives, engineers, teachers, tourist guides, and government employees, every single of them striving for the upliftment of underprivileged in the rural areas of India.

What does it do?
·         Collects clothes, bicycles, toys, etc from the donors and distribute them to those in need. Toy Bank, is a unique way striving to provide toy in every child’s hand, in Anganwadi village, Bhopal.
·         Establishing a Grain School- an effort to educate women, attending their basic literacy classes and help them earn their livelihood.
·        AhamBhumika’s Embroidery project aims turn this severely under-resourced section of the society into a self-reliant one. It is a small group of rural women and girls living on the outskirts of Bhopal are trained in hand embroidery work.
·        Establish an informal library by collecting books from donors and inculcating the habit of reading amongst the children

Where do we come in?

AhamBhumika, runs the rural pre-school of AhamBhumika situated in a village namely Borda, Kolar Road, Bhopal is facing the crisis of fund. In spite of a lot of efforts till date they are looking for the favour of any corporate to fund our on-going rural pre-school. Till date they are running this school with the support of individuals who have contributed generously.

At the moment they have 40 rural children from the underprivileged category. To meet out the expenditure of pre-school they need Rs.14,000 per month. With this post I request you all to contribute whatever amount you can contribute to keep continue this initiative.

Below is the banking profile of Aham Bhumika to contribute.   

Online bank transfer/ Cheque payments can be done using following information:

A/c name: Aham Bhumika Swayam Sevi Sanstha , 
SAVINGS ACCOUNT NO. 2073101015874
IFSC Code- CNRB0002073, 

Please send an email to our e-mail id  --> ahambhumika@gmail.com with the following information:
Name, address, donation amount, PAN number and Contact number.

Note: All donations are tax exempted under Section 80-G of Income Tax of India.

What else can be done?

·         Donate clothes, books, grains, toys or anything else that you think is worthy of giving them.
·         Join them, volunteer and use your tactics to help them out.
·         Buy their beautiful merchandise that includes, the hand embroidered cushions, the hand painted shoes, the paintings, bags, etc.
Hand made cushion
Hand painted shoes
Painting by children

You can access their Facebook and Twitter pages and check out their Website and Blog as well. You can mail them as well at: ahambhumika@gmail.com for more details.

You can also write about it on your website or your blog with the hashtag #FundAhamBhumika  on social media and spread the word.

P.S: This post is entirely written to support AhamBhumika and is not a sponsored post. I have contributed, you too do and if it makes the difference then why not?

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Thursday, 1 October 2015

Humanity.. where art thou lost?

As she, and many others like her, focused more on their work, making more profits, making rich richer.. millions were sacrificing their lives. Few were fighting poverty, few were fighting for justice, few for equality, few died while bringing about the change. Irony is they was nobody to take them to the nearest hospital, nobody to lay them on death bed, nobody to fight against the ones sabotaging the environment, for all were busy.. good people were busy making their lives, making money.. killing the entire mankind!

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