Wednesday, 14 October 2015

HE's watching!

“I don’t know what’s wrong with grand ma?”

“Why? What happened Rumi?”

“She’s become so cranky these days. Doesn’t eat anything at all”

“Did you see a doc?”

“She’s absolutely fine. But nothing gets down her throat. Not even the tiniest particle. And even if it does, uneasiness takes the upper hand”

“She must be so restless these days”

“I bet! She can’t stand, she can’t walk, she can’t eat, she doesn’t like watching TV, she doesn’t like doing anything at all. She wants to eat lots of things, but the moment she takes a bite, she starts puking. Plus the pain that comes along”

“That sounds excruciating!”

“Yes, it is”

And there in the corner, Rumi’s mother eavesdropped to the conversation between two friends. She didn’t smile, she didn’t react. But deep down, she knew the reason behind her MIL’s contrite. She reminisces her youth.. the day when she got married, where she was welcomed straight into the kitchen, rather than her bedroom. Getting all the vessels done, preparing the food for 50 people in the house, and sleeping without eating anything because nothing was left and she wasn’t allowed to cook for herself, hitting her head coz it wasn’t covered, abusing her for getting enough dowry, yelling all day at her, scorning at her in front of their guest and mocking at her tan skin tone, throwing away the plate decorated with fresh scrumptious food coz she got 5 min late in entering the dreadful kitchen, and on and on and on! The instances were plenty. She can’t be done this soon for what she had done in the past. As they say, what goes around comes around!

Rumi’s mother knew very well in her heart, the cause of this suffering. And she knew that it’s not the end! For, God watches everyone. And her MIL hadn’t paid all the dues yet!

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14 Discussion

  1. Yes, there is no after life. As you sow, so shall you reap. Karma it is.

  2. That lovely Karma will come around and even things out! ♥

  3. Indeed, that was a happy and delightful read!

  4. You pay for your actions right away, in this life. God gives everyone their chance.

    1. Yes..and whats fair is fair and should happen that way!
      Thanks for dropping by Salvwi :)


  5. Very true.... what goes around comes around!

  6. She sure is paying now ... although I do hope that Rumi's mother does not turn out the same way .. because usually thats how it happens


    1. O no she won't! But yeah.. human are unpredictable!


  7. Oh yes, Karma comes after everyone eventually. It is so important to keep your circle positive! Good one for the prompt, Geetika!

    1. Thanks a lot Shilpa. I'm glad you liked it :)



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