Thursday, 1 October 2015

Humanity.. where art thou lost?

As she, and many others like her, focused more on their work, making more profits, making rich richer.. millions were sacrificing their lives. Few were fighting poverty, few were fighting for justice, few for equality, few died while bringing about the change. Irony is they was nobody to take them to the nearest hospital, nobody to lay them on death bed, nobody to fight against the ones sabotaging the environment, for all were busy.. good people were busy making their lives, making money.. killing the entire mankind!

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  1. Our priorities are all wrong sometimes, aren't they?

    1. Yes they are.. may be indirectly, but they are!
      Thanks for dropping by :)


  2. :(
    Such a sad state of affairs it is.. sigh!
    Powerful words.. beautifully written

  3. Hmmm true.. what you say . We in our busy life are getting toooo engrossed in ourselves. .

    BUT saying that I live in uk and must say here a little bit of humanity still exists.. because I see it every now and then..During my work..


    1. It isn't humanity that I'm referring to.. It is this general notion, this thing that everybody has.. to move ahead and to do that we tend to forget every single thing.. humans we are of course!

      Thanks for dropping :)


  4. u r right to some extent, nowadays, people are not even bothered about their own kin and are focused on making money. Nice take :)

  5. Hi Geets,

    Thank you for being a regular on my blog. Much appreciated! <3

    This is true in fiction and even more so in reality. Who's taking care of the poor? Who' worried about the world? Who's taking initiative to build a better place? I have no answer. We are focused on building our own lives. It's such a materialistic world. I do believe that in order to give something to the world, one must first be standing on their own feet. But in the end, the privileged class forget to give back to the society which has given them all their treasures.

    Thanks for this thought provoking post.

    Take care!

    1. Yes.. that's what the whole point is.. I am a good person.. I do no harm.. I want to make money.. make my life, buy carpets, animal print sheets, the best furniture, the best house, the best car, broad road.. what wrong did I do..Like I said.. I am a good human being!!!

      I love reading you Parmita :)

      Thanks for dropping by :)



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