Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Look around.. Explore the Togetherness!

Phone and laptops.. they matter so much to us. Don’t they? They’re our best friends.. after all, they are the ones who help us complete our projects, they are our only resort where we can go any time we want after hearing a No from everyone around, they are the ones who truly stand by our side! And of course, not only for our academics or office work, they give us company when everybody else refuses to, they give us their time on a long holiday when everybody is busy visiting places. Probably, the only comforting factor in the house which keeps our sanity alive! 
If not for our laptops, imagine, how would we ever come to know the chivalrous Jon Snow? How will we have ever witnessed the conquests of the brilliant Sherlock Holmes? How would we come to know how Ted narrated how he met his kids' mother, and where would we see and learn all the scheming and friendship at the same time if not for Serena and Blair? Of course, movies are a complimentary! Then why does everybody around us keeps on nagging about the lives that are being affected by these gadgets.

This year, I got a birthday wish from my uncle who stays in Australia. It was great hearing from him. One of my friend isn’t doing well from quite a long time and yet she managed to surprise me with a bundle of gifts? Where did she get them from? She ordered online, isn’t this obvious? It looks good and sounds perfect to me at least!

But what’s annoying is, when I am in the middle of a conversation with my bestie, and her phone vibrates, or I am taking the class and a student gets distracted because of that small device in his pocket, or may be I am sharing a very intimate moment or sharing my heart out probably and suddenly an uninvited person comes in between, not physically, but yes, virtually! I feel like smashing them! Seriously!

The problem comes when this starts happening too often, with too  many people, at too many occasions, and becomes a  regular business! No doubt, we’re connected with the ones who are not with us now but what about losing the ones whom we really are. As they say, we realize their presence only when they’re absent!

I see a young child longing for his parent’s attention, who're too busy to reach the next level of Candy Crush, friends meeting for coffee end up on their phones, students whiling away their time and ignoring their parents when they give them some not-for-good-advice, because they are busy their gadgets!

Something is going wrong.. don’t you think? It’s not normal.. and if this doesn't stop then we will never ever feel connected with ourselves! For its not the virtual friends or people who will come rescue us in the middle of the night, but the ones with whom we stay in the house or in the neighbourhood, who will be first standing with us!

I totally enjoyed watching this video. You too have a look.. I’m sure you’ll end up smiling!

Let’s take a moment from our lives and discover RealTogetherness around us!

Happy Reading


4 Discussion

  1. Yes, many pros come with our high tech stuff, but we fail horribly keeping in contact with folks face to face. I see many parents that are too absorb in their electronics and I fear for what those youngsters will be in their grown up days. It really stands out. Recently I was waiting in an airport with a 2 hour layover, I looked around every single person was on a laptop or phone, or looking for a device to recharge them. No more chatter between passengers, so sad. I got up and moved twice because the person sitting next to me was so loud and involved in their cell phone conversation, it was dreadful to hear. Hopefully things will get better.

    1. Yes.. well said Karen.. We do realize that they are doing much harm than good to us, and yet we are not able to overcome them.. it's like we're drowning in them!


  2. :) third post i read on this topic :) high tech stuff is being a spoil sport it seems ..

    I liked my next door neighbours rule , when they all go out as family they make sure only one of them carries a phone rest are left behind ..

    and then on sundays they all go for a Dance lesson .. do one activitiy a week together all of them .. I liked that


    1. I hope every family is able to adapt and follow that rule.. we really need to implement it.. Thanks for sharing Bikram!



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