Thursday, 19 November 2015

Thoughts.. Where art thou lost?

On my way to home
I discovered a few lanes untamed
Got an idea to explore them one day
But then work, life, career occurred to dismay
Sometimes, it's so difficult to keep pace with life
How do I get over this maze and get it solved?
Do you have any special technique
To overcome all the hues
I'll be waiting in the comments sections to read all your muse!!
P.S- Everything around me is in a pandemonium state, and I am just falling out of ideas to post on my blog. Hence a short poem mirroring my state :P

Day 19 of NoMo

Happy Reading 


4 Discussion

  1. It's a vicious circle you see! When you want to write and have time, there's no muse. When you have muse then you either don't want to write or don't have time and when you have time and muse, you don't feel like writing!! Oh Am I blabbering?? :O

    1. Lol.. and I totally love that :)
      It is a vicious circle and it happens with me a lot many times..
      Thanks Nibhz :)



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