Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Come back Post

After opening a couple of websites, reading a few pages, looking for a few contests and learning from a few interviews, my head rested on my table for a while, yearning for a nap and finding a motivation to write something on the blog. And then came Coffee to the rescue! Whenever such gestures try to set in me, coffee is the only thing that can rub them off and clean all the clutter inside! What is your rescue? Tell me please..

This year had been a terrific one indeed! And I am going to reflect on it for sure. Whenever I sit to write, words often fail to describe what I feel. And writing a post, brewing my thoughts kind of pulls me back. That’s the reason why I end up writing poetry most of the times (depicting my mental stage sometimes), or a haiku, or write for a contest may be.. but a yapping post gets a little handy and this makes me realize, that this habit of mine, might make my readers run away! I am not sure of the reason yet, but I do have a hunch of it.

Travelling to places, be it anywhere, kind of breaks the flow that I barely maintain! And off late, I haven’t been writing anything, and reading..!! God knows what’s that, off late..Ok.. I know.. that’s bad.. and I am trying real hard to come back to the track, believe me...!! O.. you don’t believe me just yet! Fine.. you will find out for yourself, on your blogs ;)

I have a lot to bring up on my blog and share with you guys.. Stay tuned to my blog and get the updates :) I'm sure you're going to come back!

This is all for now..

Happy Reading


8 Discussion

  1. Oh I have been going through the same feelings Geetika. Haven't written in a while. Just wrote something today. Hope you too get your inspiration back. Waiting to read your posts :)

    1. O it's so great to hear from you Jyotsna.. I miss your writings.. And I am hopping to your blog now..
      Thanks for dropping by and leaving your valuable comments..


  2. Waiting for updates...
    And cheers! Nothing like travel :)

    1. Yeah.. have so much going around.. and no time to update it yet..!!
      Thanks Loco :)


  3. I would! waiting to hear more :)

    1. I know you're gonna be back :)
      Thanks a lot :)


  4. I surly will be here ☺☺☺
    Have fun


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