Saturday, 19 December 2015

Caution- Danger Zone Ahead

O you look uncanny! You strange blue little thing! Who are you? Are you a sea animal? Fish? Mammal? Some other species may be? I like your skin though. This bright colour looks nice.. and the contrast lemon suits you just perfect. You like sleeping? Me too!  

But what are you doing here? Don’t you know there’s a lot of weird stuff around here! And have you ever heard of Humans, ever? Shh.. Don’t say that loud.. they might hear you and if they will hear you, they might find you, and then they will kill you! They never spare anyone. They never have! They will either capture you and keep you in prison, give you some food to eat. 
You must be thinking that that isn’t too bad, but that is what their trap is all about! They will torment you. Every single day. And will work on you, and do their experiments, drop so many harsh liquids, they will keep you in so many lights and see how you respond to it, till what level is your body able to cope up with the pain they will infuse in you. And if by any chance, they’re not able to do any good of you, they will keep you in a box and decorate their house with the light of your skin, flaunt you to the world, as if they own you and have every right to treat you the way they want!

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4 Discussion

  1. Insightful perspective! Humans do tend to be this way, sadly.

  2. Now I know why satire is good. The message is not jut thrown to the readers, but they are made to imbibe the same effortlessly. We, humans think that we own this world. So sad. The last we can do is not to harm an animal deliberately.

    1. Very well said Maliny! And that is the best way to convey the message!



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