Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Resolutions laid ahead!

2016 started with a bang with an amazing weather in the hills of Northern India. The soft, mild sunny weather in the afternoon and the chilly winds in the evening, with a bunch of completely insane species on planet was a perfect fusion to kick start this new year! Food, drinks, music, friends, road trip, photos, party.. what else could one ask for?

With such a staggering start of the year, I am all energised and set to lay my plans ahead for the year. Yes, I wish to write the chapter on my own for the year and make it worth reading for the coming years. Last year gave me a lot, and I intend to scout even more from this year. As I’ve heard, human wants are insatiable, true as they say!

So, what I really plan to do this year? Let’s find out:

Read More-

Read at least 25 books this year. And I know it’s not going to be easy, but as they say, try, try till you succeed. Reading sure is the appetite for good writing and that is one thing I want to be healthy at..!! I sometimes, really have to make an effort to pick up a book and start reading it.


Writing something every single day. Yes, that’s challenging, but then what’s life without challenges! I want to take my writing ahead professionally. Looking forward to try my hands on fiction and a few series.


Very important. I have been dillydallying it from I don’t even remember when. Time to stop it all and finally exercise! It does help you maintain your cool. A positive mind and a healthy body is the perfect way to move towards your goals. Don’t you think?

Emotional Well being-

Yes. I am emotional person. I think almost everything like a zillion times in my head and take it to my heart easily. Time to get rid of it. I am working on this, but nothing happens overnight, eh? It makes suffer so much, without me realizing how agitated I often get! A little more patience and hope for a better future and I am really to shine all bright!

Resolutions really work for me and this year too I plan to make them happen.
That pretty much sums up my list. Have you made yours? Don’t you want to share? I’d love to read.

Wish you all a very Happy New Year :)


4 Discussion

  1. A very very happy new year to you Geet! :)

    1. Thank you so much Soumya :)


  2. Good luck to you, Hon! Write more, I'm looking forward to those series :)

    1. Thanks a lot Aathira :)
      I am looking forward to writing those :)



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