Saturday, 20 February 2016

Phust AC, Phust Class


3.00 AM

Piippiipp... Piipppiipip... Piiipppiiipip.. Snooze.

After 5 minutes

Piippiipp... Piipppiipip... Piiipppiiipip.. Snooze again

After 5 minutes

Piippiipp... Piipppiipip... Piiipppiiipip..What the hell it is? It’s 3 in the morning. Why am I even listening to this alarm?

“Gee..; get up. We got to catch the train. The alarm is ringing”

“O yeah! Dammit! I completely forgot. You get up first, please

“Okay 5 minutes more”


After 5 minutes

“Get up, you said you will”

“Yeah. I know”

Yes! I get to sleep a bit more. Happiness.

Sleeping at 1.30 in the morning and getting up at such an unearthly hour at 3.30 again, only to catch a train at 5 seems like the futile thing to do. Where are we even going? And why? O yeah! To Delhi.. to attend his friend’s wedding! But why to catch a train this early? Can someone ask my inner goddess to simply shut up and stop with all the gazillion questions in the morning!

Yeah, now it feels peace.

When it comes to travelling, I really dread leaving early mornings! O no, I don’t fear getting up. That I can handle very well. But what about getting fresh? No, not the toothbrush toothpaste wala fresh.
You got what am I talking right? No? You didn’t? Okay, okay, I am talking about doing the daily ritual that makes us all feel fresh all day, only, if we get fresh in the morning!

Still not clear? O God.. now don’t judge me for saying things explicitly. I am talking about shit! Poop! Yes. Potty, to precise! It is so important to do it, for all of us, every day, in the morning! Without eating anything!

O! Voila..! I finally said it.-----feeling light :P

Everyone has their own body clock and their systems work different. There are people, who go to shit, the moment they get up from bed. Lucky they are!

There are ones who have lukewarm water or other substitutes (tea/coffee) first and then shit. These are the ones who have a set time at which their morning ritual functions. And the system doesn’t drop anything, at all, if called at an unearthly hour (if you know what I mean ;)) and then there are the ones who don’t do it in the morning. They do it when it comes!

Okay, I know I’m running the risk of getting called dirty here. But never mind.

I come in the second category. My body clock has a certain time, and anytime before that (specially as early as 3), I know my body will ditch. For sure. But that’s not what worries me. What makes me anxious is the fact that what if I feel pressure during the journey? You know the state of Indian railways right? Or what if it doesn’t come at all? My entire journey would get ruined. Yes, that’s how it works me. I feel cranky all day.

I hate this trip. I hate this man. I hate this hour. And I hate his friend. Plus, I haven't had my shit yet! Urgghh!

Nevertheless, we reached the station and boarded the train at 5. It was supposed to leave in 5 minutes, but it didn’t. Now did I tell you that we were travelling in First AC coach? Me for the first time, to be precise.
When we entered our cabin, the other passengers were obviously sleeping. Trying not to disturb them, the attendant helped us settle with our luggage and stuff and we were all set within minutes. Sweet guy he was. But hey, hey, hey1 It's Indian Railways! It can't be perfect!
A, took the lower berth and I the upper one. I sat on his berth for a while, waiting for the train to start. A was wondering what I was doing then, and why wasn’t I going on my berth. I told him I had to pee and so was waiting for the train to move. We’re not suppose to use the loo, when the train is at halt right? It stinks so much if at halt.

Moments later, the train started moving and I finally made way towards the toilet. I don’t know what had gotten into me, but I just moved and saw a board that said “Western Commode” and I clearly chose the other door, opposite to that. The attendant outside, was trying to say something, (OOaauuu uuuooumm) which I definitely ignored. When I went inside, I realized the area was pretty compact. It was anything but toilet (neither Indian nor Western!). I wondered for a few seconds and then saw a hand faucet. With the option of warm and cold water. It took me a few more moments to realize I was standing in the Shower room! But since when does train have shower rooms? Or rather, who takes shower in the train? I instantly came out. And then the attendant said again, “Madam, shower room”. (realizing what he was saying before) What a jerk I was.

Unwillingly, I entered the Western Commode. God, why no Indian commode here? It must be so dirty. And then it’s pretty risky as well. God help me!

Wooosh! What am I seeing?! A western commode in the Indian Railways, shining like a newly wedded bride! Okay that’s too much of the exaggeration. But it was ultra clean. With a toilet paper, neatly rolled, thick liquid hand soap, a clean basin and guess what? Best of all, a hand shower!! 
Yes..!! A hand faucet in a working condition. Again in the toilet of rails! And this is not the end. There’s more to it. Guess what? It had flush as well! Woohoo! I mean can you beat that? I was so thrilled. Just seeing the toilet made my journey. I know it’s pretty weird. But given the fact, how paranoid I was getting, I knew my journey would now be light and happy! :D

When I was back in the cabin, A, could see the excitement and happiness on my face. And he was confused more than surprised to see such a big grin right after coming from, you know where!

He asked me the reason for the same and all I could say was, “A, it’s not patri wali” (A, it’s not the railway track ones) and I couldn’t stop laughing and he too laughed a little and shhhddd me. People will listen, be slow! But I just couldn’t stop myself from laughing. I mean what a doofus I was. And I was waiting for the train to move, to go for my nature’s call.

Okay, so that means I can go even when the train was at halt. Yes!

As I couldn’t do my morning ritual at home, I did it during my journey, with so much ease and peace. Oh God, what a relief it was! Pure bliss.

I took a nap for a while and then got up. We got the newspaper and breakfast was served. On a separate stool and a personal assistant to take care of the needs. Just the way it happens in a flight. How we have the liberty to press the button and the attendants come to get us, that’s the way how it was there. And that guy, who attended us and served us breakfast and everything, he was so cute. He looked decent, and simple, educated and cute! What the hell was he doing there? Sweet!

Our journey was full of refreshments and goodies and an immense amount of satisfaction and respect for Indian Railways. The cabin was spotless, the service was impeccable and the refreshments and breakfast too were edible. And the toilets, O they were heaven! They were my saviour and the highlights of the journey. For the first time.

It was a delightful experience. And of course, I made proper utilization of resources! ;) :P :D

P.S: The train was Kolkata Rajdhani and the experience there was exemplary!

The state of Indian Railways has really changed. And it’s quite a visible one. Don’t you think?

How are your experiences when you travel in a train? Especially with the long journey? Don’t you see the changes at railways stations and in the trains? Share your words and I’ll be more than happy.


6 Discussion

  1. Great post !!!! I have traveled in train a long back. But I love train journeys.

  2. I took Rajdhani from Delhi to Kolkata and back many times during my MBA from IIFT. I must say I enjoyed it even back then, it was an overnight journey anyway!
    Seems they have improved a lot now.

    I am the lucky one when it comes to the father is like you ☺️

    1. Haha..! Okay..
      Thanks for dropping by Alok :)


  3. I travel in a train every week... Overnight ones... And not long ones..
    I am startled by the neatness of the toilets... But may be because its 1st class - I have never traveled in one... Having said that, the trains are clean or not clean depends upon us - the travelers. But then, I have not had such out of the world experience yet. Waiting...

    1. Yes may be! But the state of railways has really improved. But to make it all better, the passengers really would have to contribute otherwise no government can improve or do anything about it!



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