Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Random Ranting- #MondayMusings

"Only by Learning to live in Harmony with your Contradictions you can keep it all afloat"
                                                                                                                                    - Audre Lorde

It’s after full one week that I am writing a post. No visiting of the blogs, no replying to the comments... My blog was dormant for a week! Oh No... I wasn’t going through the writer’s block. It was the internet connection! And a bit of travelling as well. Yes, that kept me off from my blog and you guys!

Having no internet sometimes really makes you handicapped! You can’t read much stuff, lest about commenting on articles... The entire day becomes slow and lethargic... Also, it gives birth to guilt... Yes, guilt! For not reading much and the anxiety inside that eats you up for missing out so much on social media. And the list of saved links only surges!

And when you know the coming plans for the week, moving here and there will again take a toll on your writing, you finally decide to break this chain and write a piece of pointless blabbering!
How do you all manage to write and read so much of stuff in such less time? I really need to learn this art. Yes, I’m trying a few different things, but then, o yes! It’s the internet connection that’s the problem, not me, eh?

And books, where art thou lost? Why am I not reading enough of them? I took up this reading challenge on Goodreads, and I can clearly see myself failing at it. Why am I doing this to me? And on top of that, ranting so much about it! What has gotten into me?

I started writing this post in the afternoon and it’s evening now and I have barely managed to write anything. But, O, here’s the thing, I wasn’t home... I went out, to meet a friend! And I am so glad I met her. After ages! It’s feels incredible to catch up with a few friends, after I don’t even remember how many months, err, years!
Good times
How does time fly? How the topic of our conversations change over these years, realizing how stupid and silly we used to be, long back, in our early twenties, and how we’ve grown so much as individuals! Meeting old friends is rejuvenation! It kind of clears the system and brings a smile, simply by thinking about meeting them. It is therapeutic, at least for me! That is one thing that I enjoy the most.

Your life does not get better by chance, it gets better by change.

My friend, who I met this evening, she is the one because of whom I got introduced to blogging.  I used to read her posts and a few other bloggers at that time. And I did start my own blog as well but didn’t maintain it. Writing wasn’t my thing then, or maybe I hadn’t discovered it by then. But that is a different story altogether. Thank you Mansi, for everything! Just the conversation this evening meant how special our bond is and no matter what, we're always going to be like this, always on the same page, no matter how many miles apart we stay, or how less we speak, but our thing will always be going to remain the same. 

I think that will be all from my side today. How about talking what’s on your mind right now, when you come at the end of this post? Tell me random stuff, coz I’ve been writing random stuff.

C'mon.. Now go on...

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12 Discussion

  1. i used to do reading challenges a year ago.. now juggling time between work, study and sleep gives me little time.. :) times passes fast .. true

    1. I know.. I'm wondering if I've made a mistake by taking up the reading challenge..
      Thanks for dropping by Pratikshya :)


  2. I loved this blabbering so much...Sometimes life and at times internet connection gets in the way of blogging, writing and reading..And like you I fret too..But it's okay to do so..This only shows how much we love it :)

    1. You do? And I second with you Naba.. I mean, yeah, that's exactly the reason why we fret!


  3. I too sufferd with Internet problem ..... Sometimes we have to " Let It Go " and enjoy the flow of life.

    1. Yes.. And it will only help us.. and nobody else..


  4. Reading challenges are a thing of the past for me. Once I have my novel in good hands, I'm going to take time off life, and just READ!

    1. Yes, even that's a good way to take up things, I guess.. and I used to do like this only.. Just this time took up the challenge.. I hope to make it though..


  5. My reasons for not writing often are travel and hectic schedule and absent muse! Should get my act together soon though. With A-Z around the corner, it is imperative that we schedule our posts and read others a lot... and this definitely requires time management. God... I have to plan and work a LOT!!

  6. That's the whole point of having a blog, isn't it? To rant when we want to? Oh I know about bad Internet connections - it drives one crazy.. waiting for it to come back, and you check it every few minutes and before you know it the day is through and you've got nothing done. Hope things get sorted for you.

  7. Hi,
    Thanks for visiting my blog, Notes Along the Way! When I signed up for the Challenge I thought I was going to write about travel and put TR next to my blog name. I'm not writing about travel. Is there a way to remove the TR? Thanks!
    Mary Montague Sikes monti7olen@verizon.net

  8. Look forward to reading your posts this April


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