Thursday, 9 June 2016

Love.. An Untangled Affair

Sometimes I wonder what is it that makes a person cross the boundaries in the name of love, without even realizing what they're doing? 

Sure they say, all is fair in love and war. It makes a teenager run miles in the sun just to get the glimpse of their beloved, it makes a man come home early to have dinner with his wife, it makes woman spread and shower endless love on her boyfriend by understanding and always ready to make him smile and smile along with him, it makes a woman fight the world for the sake of her man, it makes the man feel happy simply by having his woman by his side forever! 

Amidst all these feelings and emotions, who defines what is right and what is wrong? When people love someone truly, they do things they never thought were capable of doing. Younger ones lies to their parents for their lovers, to buy gifts, to top up their phone recharge, to travel and visit them if at all in long distance, of course this happens when they're not earning. But what about the ones who're earning? Don't they lie for the sake of love? Of course they do! A man truly in love with a girl makes thousands of efforts to spend time with his married girlfriend. And the woman, decides to stay married but couldn't resist the idea of staying in touch with her ex. Is this wrong? Yes, we do term it wrong! 

But whose fault is it? The ex, who just loved and only loved and couldn't marry her then coz he wasn't financially sound? Or the girl who tried her best to stay loyal to her marriage but eventually turns to her old first love coz her husband wouldn't just give in, or the husband, who thought his responsibility was to make good love in the night and give good money in the day to spend. What about romance? What about passion? What about spark? Does marriage kills it all? Is this what the reality check is all about? 

An urge to hear a simple romantic line in the middle of the night from your husband is too much to ask? Expecting a compliment from your wife coz you wore a new shirt isn't too much, but it sure loses it's charm coz the couple stays together and has got past of it all. Had it been the courtship or had he been her boyfriend, wouldn't he say a thousand romantic lines waking up all night? And wouldn't she randomly throw umpteen compliments and pull his leg all the while? But suddenly it becomes a pain, why? 

What is right and what is wrong, who is the one who decides it? People define labels as per their convenience, as per their comfort levels and as per them lying in those labels.

Has love become a mirage of what it used to be?

In a world, where everything is a sham, why not just put yourself out there and accept the love you're getting from whichever source, as long as it makes you happy! 

Not everybody thinks the way this article does, but that's not a problem right? What's your take on love? Or right or wrong? Put it all here and I'd be more than happy to hear them all... 

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