Wednesday, 20 July 2016

A-to-Z of Me

Hola everyone! How is Half Marathon coming along? I’m just trying to cope up with it every day. I came across a wonderful post at Shalini’s blog and that inspired me to do it on my blog as well. As the topic says, it sure is A to Z of me!

A- Age: 27

B- Biggest fear: Death, losing people I love. Forever. Abandonment. Rejection.

C- Current time: 6.51. pm

D- Drink you last had: A glass of milk

 E- Every day starts with: Three straight glasses of lukewarm water, followed by a nice rejuvenating shower and then savouring my breakfast. (I know I should exercise. But I don’t. I will. Someday)

F- Favourite Song: Listing a favourite song is quite a task but these days I’m loving, ‘Love me like you do’

G- Ghosts, are they real?: Nope! Though horror movies do excite me though :P

H- Hometown: Agra

I- In love with: My work, travelling, shopping

J- Jealous of:  People who travel all the bloody time!

K- Killed someone: I so wish I did. And in my dreams, I did :P

L- Last time you cried: Long back. Don’t remember when. Touchwood!

M- Middle name: None

N- Number of siblings: 2 and I’m lucky to have them.

O- One wish: To travel the world with my husband and my friends.

P- Person you last called: Husband: P (yes we stay in the same town and yet I called him...: D)

Q- Question you’re always asked: Are you married? Tell us the truth!

R- Reason to smile: Lots of reasons. I can’t be done with one! Writing a post that your readers admire, being the reason behind your students’ smile, having a wonderful family, having the freedom to be just me at times and more and more and more...

S- Sounds that annoy you: cacophonic sounds, the sound of TV when I’m reading, dogs howling, traffic noise... all of them annoy me!

T- Time you woke up: 8.45 am

U- Underwear colour: Purple

V- Vacation destination: Favourite so far- a. Phuket   b. Dubai  Wish list- a. London   b. New York   c. Melbourne    d. New Zealand.    e. Amsterdam

W- Worst habit: In spite of knowing that I shouldn’t do things for the person who wouldn’t acknowledge, I still do it for them and then get hurt L and of course, over-thinking.

X- X-Rays you’ve had: My knees. They’re fine now!

Y- Your favourite food: I like Italian and Chinese. I love Indian Chaat as well.

Z- Zodiac sign: Libra and I'm a true Libra woman. Balanced. Compassionate. Sensitive. Romantic. Understanding. Emphatic. Yes, I’m all of them.

Wasn't it fun? Would you like to take this on?

If you do, please share with me and leave in the comments box below.

Linking with Half Marathon Blogging Challenge with Blogchatter. Today is Day 5 of the challenge.


15 Discussion

  1. First I read Shalini's post and now yours Geetika. Surely seems like a lot of fun. I think I am doing it first thing in the morning tomorrow :) Didn't know your hometown is Agra. I have lived a considerable part of my school life in Mathura.

    1. Is it? That's nice and sure you should take up this challenge! It will be fun and don't forget to leave the link here :)


  2. Seems like A to Z is trending at Blogchatter. ;-) Didn't know anyone from Agra before. Pleased to make your acquaintance via the Half Marathon. :D And yeah, I do feel jealous of those who travel a lot, given that I cannot much.

    1. O yes it is! And most of us took it right> :P
      Same here Vinay :) I loved reading your A-to-Z!
      Me too... Travelling has gone down big time!


  3. Wow! one more today ..agree with Vinay..looks like its trending :)

  4. That was fun ! :D Thinking of taking it up in my blog too, maybe this weekend.

    1. Yes. Please do and leave the link here. Positively!


    2. And my A to Z post is up ! :D

  5. Okay. So, I think I'm also jealous of ppl who travel a lot. �� it was great to know a bit more about you. Thanks for taking up the tag! Much love..

    1. Same here girl :)
      Much love to you too!


  6. Loved reading your Post! It all started with Darshana's blog! :) Such a sweet compilation! <3

    1. Thank you so much! I found it on Roshan's blog though :)
      You should try it too.



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