Saturday, 23 July 2016

An Open Letter to my 16-year-old self


Hey Geetika,

Stop crying! What are you fretting over? And what has happened that has made you look like this? You’ve started getting dark circles under your eyes. And it’s not healthy. I know you’re worried about your studies. But stop worrying. Start studying. I know you do, but you have so many distractions piled up while you’re so oblivious towards them.

I know you start your day at 5 in the morning, get ready and then run to the tuition, then school, then tuition, then home, then lunch then tuition again! Half of your day is gone already! While you get back home, you feel this need to talk to someone. I know you don’t have anyone by your side. You aren’t that close to your sister and your brother is too young to talk to. Your mother won’t understand your dilemma. Moreover, your dad is really strict.

I know you want to make him proud and you will one day. But you think way too much! Not your fault either. Every time he enters the home you’re doing everything but studying. Of course, he gets annoyed not seeing you dived into books. But that isn’t your entire fault either. Is it? It is not your problem if he’s home the moment you move away from your study table, right? You gotta to leave books at some point!

You have your school homework, plus tuition homework and above all, self-studies! You are going to get frustrated. Obviously!

And the friends that you have... don’t do so much for them. They’re not worthy of you. They make fun of you behind your back and they want you to be the laughing stock for everyone. Don’t let them do this. Have faith in you. Even if you are alone, you don’t have to run after them. They will anyway part ways with you.

But it’s not all their fault. Everyone has their own interest. They’re inclined towards boys a bit more than usual, and you have in your head that boys will be coming and going, but it’s more important to make your career first. After all, it’s the boards, this year. Of course, your father doesn’t let you forget that for sure!
Life isn’t going to stop after class 10th. And boards are not everything. You are going to have wonderful two years ahead of your school life, if only you believe me. You are going to score well in next two years and that will bring a lot of confidence in you.

You want to stay friends with your friends but don’t want to entertain much gossip pertaining to boys and yet want to be a part of their life. But that’s not how it works. Also, coz you’ve changed your place, you’ve got a few new friends about whom you share with your school friends. And mind you, they don’t like to hear much about them. You don’t know this yet. You will learn it soon and feel sad. Again! But what wrong are you doing anyway? Friends are supposed to ‘share’ stuff right?!

But hey, don’t you be all anxious girl; YOU ARE going to be loaded with friends in the near future. In fact, you’re going to be the best of a friend they will ever have and they will only say this to you. You are going to share their happiness, laughter, joy, sorrows, heartbreaks, and adventures and make some beautiful memories for a lifetime that you will cherish all your life.

And believe me, lots of boys are going to have a crush on you. You will have so many guys as your best buddies, buddies for life. Few will fall in love with you, like you the way you are and make you feel special.

Sure, they will break your heart and you will feel bad but that will only make you strong!

The career that you are so determined to make, will give you new paths for sure, and you will meet some wonderful mentors during that time. They will support you, encourage you, guide you and even scold you. But you will grow... for good!

You will live your life to the full and you will make your parents proud one day.

And don’t worry about your looks or body so much! Your size will vary with age! And you will be happy about it!

And your hair, yes you’ve got curls and they’re beautiful! But you like straight hair more. They too suit you well, but curls aren’t that bad either. And trust me, one day you are going to get them straight, and flaunt them all. Curls make your hair look short but that’s fine.

Ignore what your distant relatives and cousins blabber. Stop fretting over your hair so much.

And your skin and its tone are perfectly fine. Beauty and fairness aren't the same things. Be confident. Smile. That makes you beautiful and not the umpteen fairness creams and face packs that you have. And why are you dying to have pimples so much? I know you’ve never had one and you want to know what are they exactly, but you are going to have plenty of them... to an extent that will make you hide under sheets!!

Sure society gives more attention to fair girls, but you aren’t that bad either. Things will fall in place and you are going to have a wonderful life ahead!

And you know what? You're going to write poems someday! Can you believe it? Once in class 8th, your teacher made you write one, and you couldn’t write one then, but you will write plenty of them in future. If only you know now, that you like writing, you would pursue a career in that and learn a great deal.

And you know what's future got in stored for you? You're going to become a teacher! Ever thought of that? You always wanted to keep in touch with the younger crowd, right? It's going to happen! And your students are going to love you! And so will you!

Did I tell you, your sister with whom you fight so much and wish if she didn’t exist, is going to be your best friend! You both are going to be each other's closest confidantes!  Imagine!! You and her are going to be each other’s lifelines.

Have faith in yourself and in your parents. They do things for you that are good for you. Yes, you love and respect them but have faith in them as well. Learn to connect the dots and always follow your heart. You’re going to do just fine in life!

Your future self.

Disclaimer: The views mentioned above are purely mine and do not point anyone particular. This letter is only written because I wanted to write and doesn’t mean to hurt anyone’s feelings. It took a lot of courage to pour my heart on paper and it's few of the most honest posts I've ever written.

I’m participating in the Half Marathon Blogging Challenge with Blogchatter. Today is Day 8 of the challenge.


13 Discussion

  1. I think many of us would write quite interesting letters to our younger selves. don't worry. It will get better. Things you worry about now are trivial - stop. I really wish there was a way to communicate with our younger selves.

    1. And we sure should write one, don't you think? And that sounds like my heart's plead. If only there is a way to communicate?


  2. If only we could talk to our younger selves! Loved what you said. There are so many things that become clear from the perspective of age. Isn't it amazing how seemingly inconsequential things are reasons for the greatest heartbreaks when we're young?

    1. Yes. So true. And it's a relief that most of the things that worried us didn't happen! Our perspective changes from time to time!


  3. I felt a bit comforted after reading this. Pretty much the same situation with small differences for me. I'm so glad I refused to go for tuition this year, it would've only added to my heap of worries and tensions. I've often written letters to my future hoping things would get better. The changes happening are often unimaginable.:)

    1. Glad that it comforted you and you resonate with the post, and didn't go tutions as well! Those letters must be so great to write!


  4. Teenagers have a lot of angst but how many really have the insight at that time to feel really good about being oneself??? Also one can only face one's dragons in hindsight I feel

    1. There sure are but I doubt their numbers would be high!
      Thanks for dropping by :)


  5. Love the letter Geetika. He! Did the attention from guys happened that way? The love shuv and dosti. Now you tempting to write about my repressed anger and rebellious part. When I do by end of this week, I will ping you:)

    1. Yes, it did ;) Love shuv and dosti along ;) :D
      You sure should write one Vishal and do let me know when you're done writing!


  6. Made for a lovely, heartwarming read, Geetika. I think if each 16 year old was made to read words of wisdom this way, how much better life would be for them right? Thank you for sharing this insight into your past.

  7. Loved the letter Geet..directly from heart!

  8. Loved the letter Geet..directly from heart!


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