Thursday, 21 July 2016

Inspiration, O Inspiration

Inspiration, O Inspiration,
Where are you lost?
I’m searching for you all over,
But you aren’t ready to come at any cost!

I’ve spend all the sunny days
Waiting for the night to bring it
Neither on early mornings nor on hazy days
You coming here don’t seem to be fit!

I tried finding you in the posts I read
I searched for you in the musings
I looked for you around me all the time
But only found you dead, in my head!!
Do you want me to tie you with a chain?
If only it was that easy and plain
I know you’re going to give me a lot of strain
And all my efforts will go in vain!

Inspiration, O Inspiration
Just so you know,
I’m not that easy as I look
See I found you, easy and slow!
I’m participating in the Half Marathon Blogging Challenge with Blogchatter. Today is Day 6 of the challenge.

12 Discussion

  1. That was worth the wait for inspiration, Geets! :D Hehee.

  2. Loved this poem ! :D Inspiration lives within your readers, get it from their feedback. Lots of love! :)

    1. Thanks a ton Dashy! And yes, reader's feedback does motivate a lot! Thanks for all your love :)


  3. haha... this is almost meta in the way you make not having an inspiration for writing an inspiration for actually writing :) And well done.

    P.S. I have been struggling for awhile too. In the end, chose to go with the age old tradition of taking up a tag :) Feel free to join if you need an easy prompt for coming days

    1. Lol.. Really? Thank you so much Doc! It's almost meta to receive a compliment as this from you :) ;)

      And I read your post and it was total fun and I am going to take it up and I am going to leave it there in your comments section :D


  4. Aah! The inspiration... she is such a fickle mistress! Glad you found yours, Geetika! :)

    1. Ah.. I like the name you've up with! She sure is a fickle mistress!
      Thanks :)


  5. This is a very beautiful poem,Geetika! Inspiration, ah, she is the clever of all. ;)

  6. That was so cute! An ode to inspiration.

  7. That was so cute! An ode to inspiration.


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