Monday, 18 July 2016

Love : A Faux


1.00 pm...

‘I love you and I miss you very much’

9.00 pm...

‘I miss you too sweetheart and I love you to the moon and back... always have, always will’

She texted him. Every day.

And waited for his reply. Every day.

She saw him coming online every now and then. Simply to learn that he was ignoring her.

He must be busy... But then why do I see his flirtatious messages on my friend’s phone all the time when my reply is still pending?!

Somewhere in between sending and waiting for his messages, her love took a silent death!

Linking with Half Marathon Blogging Challenge with Blogchatter. Today is Day 3 of the challenge.


14 Discussion

  1. Somewhere in between sending and waiting for his messages, her love took a silent death! - A very powerful line and the highlight of the story. Well written.

  2. OMG how sad, but good for her, such a guy doesn't deserve love or affection!

    1. Yes. He sure doesn't deserve. If only she could see through!

  3. That's sad! Her love indeed took a silent death, or was it murder?!

  4. Sad! and her love seems to be blind to see what's happening. I feel so sorry for her. Well written.

    1. Thanks you so much Parul! I heard somewhere, Love is blind.. makes perfect sense here!

  5. The complicated virtual relationships of our time. :/

    1. O yes! These virtual relationships and virtual break ups!

  6. Betrayal must be the most bitter pill to swallow in a relationship. Having had close friends and family going through this I know it's very tough to bounce back from.

    Good work with the word count.

    1. Thank you so much Shailaja! It's always a pleasure to hear a word or two from you :)


  7. Wonderfully expressed!Ignoring a person definitely kills whatever love or affection the other person has for them.

    1. Yes. Ignorance is a dangerous thing! Thanks Shubha :)



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