Friday, 1 July 2016

Turmoil times, What you do, eh?

Why do we hurt people we don't want to? Why do we say things we shouldn't? What's done can't be undone but what can be done is give time and the situation will come, time and again where you can show your true worth, where you do what you want to do and people will see and realise who you truly are. Till then you can't do anything about it.

Nothing at all. Period.
There are people in the world who love their loved ones more than themselves. I am one of them. When it comes to loving people, I tend to love them more than myself. I know I should love myself first and I sure do, but somehow, subconsciously I love them more, without my will. It just happens. And later I realise they weren’t wrong when things turned bad, but I was the one who was too sensitive to such matters, I was the one who went beyond and gave myself unconditionally to them, and hence I end up being the one who gets hurt the most!

On the contrary, aren't the loved ones lucky in every sense? And the whole world can see it but that person! Isn't it ironical?

But then we love unconditionally, how does it matter even if that person fails to realise their worth in someone's eyes? 

There are all kinds of relationships in the world and in order to take one's own stand, one need to become the bad person, one needs to articulate their deeds, every single thing they did so that everyone knows who you truly are or to be correct how right you are in every sense.

But what about the ones who aren't very good at communicating their feelings or portraying themselves right? What if they don't believe in marketing every single good thing they did and believe in leaving it for the world to realise? Does the world really have that much of time? Or what if the world never sees it? Never realise your true worth? For it's kind of a trend to not notice or pay heed to the ones who barely take their stand. Of course, they are the weaker ones... They are the ignored ones. 

What do you do in such times? Do you fight? Or sit quietly? Make peace? Or take your own stand? If you do, please teach me how to? I’m terrible at it.

2 Discussion

  1. This is something that I believe in, Geetika - you should always love yourself more than or at-least equal to any other person you love. (In my case, this rule doesn't apply to my son, because I love him more than anything or anyone else, but to all others - it applies.)

    Also, as far as getting ignored goes - I believe we can only do what we can do, and must leave the rest. Whether we get credit or not, should be the last thing on our minds, because either way, we cannot control it. Why worry then?

    1. I know and I so agree with you and I do love myself but somehow when I love a person, I tend love them more! And I hate that..
      Leaving things to time and accepting them the way they are is surely a relief and brings peace of mind.
      Glad to have you here :)



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