Sunday, 29 January 2017

Moment of Warmth

I was in a rush. I had to take the class and I was late already. And I hate that. I don’t like being late. But that day was different. After finishing the chores, I was all set to rush for my class and there he was, my husband, standing in the way, asking me not to go.

‘You know we have to be there in an hour’

‘And you know I have a class. I can’t miss that’

‘But that function is important. You know we can’t afford to miss that one’

‘And you know there are students waiting. I can’t cancel at this moment’

‘But you won’t be free early. How long will you take to get free?’

‘After class, I have to visit the doc. That pain on my ankle is really creating a problem. I can’t bear with it anymore. And then I’ll have to buy some medicines prescribed by the doctor. It will take time’

‘Can’t you visit the doctor, tomorrow?’

‘Are you kidding me? You’ve been with me and witnessed all the sleepless nights of agony! How can you even ask me this? I have to go today.’

‘I know it’s serious, but that is also important’

‘And this, is this not important enough for you? Instead of taking me to the doctor, you are asking me to cancel it? You know how difficult it is to get Doc. S’s appointment. I’ve been waiting for weeks and finally, I've got one! And you want me to let it go?!  Sorry, Mister. Not possible’

‘Fine! Do what you want! I’ll go alone... without you!’, exclaimed A.

‘Fine!!’, as I rammed the door and left.

I was furious at that moment. In spite of understanding and being with me at the moment, he’s mad about the fact that I’m not coming with him!

Visiting a doctor is a hassle. Sure I have the appointment but the patients have to wait for hours to have their turn. It sometimes really is a test of my patience levels.

I took the class and visited the doctor. A few tests and few medicines and I was set to go home after spending 4 hours in this entire process.

I was exhausted. And angry at him. And my phone was vibrating. It was him. Why is he calling now?

‘Where are you?’

‘I’m home. What happened?’

‘Did you go to the doctor?’

‘Yes’, of course, I did. Why else does he think we were having that argument?

‘What did he say?’, as if he cares?!

‘Nothing. He has asked to get the x-ray done. I’ve got it done. Bought the medicines as well. It’s a sprain. Nothing major’

‘Oo.. okay. Everyone was asking for you here. I told them you’ll be able to come in a while. But I think you should stay at home. Take rest. That is more important. This, I’ll handle.’

‘Are you sure?’, I’m sure he’s kidding. I know how important these functions are for him!

‘Ya... ya... I’ll be home in a while. See you then. Bye’


And so effortlessly, my anger was gone. One single phone call from him that says he cares had melted my heart away. There was so much of warmth in that minute long call. And just like this, I was spilled in love, all over again!

And guess what, he was home early and sat by me all evening. Now, this is what I call happiness.

Tell me what melts your heart away? Tell me about your moments of joy filled with all the warmth and love.



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Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Bitter Sweet Life

The other day this thought crossed my mind. And it made me realise things change so fast around us and we don’t even notice. But when realisations strike, it obviously gets too late!

So many things change when we grow up. And we become the kinds we never thought we would. Our circle gets limited. We become less understanding and more judging. We give less and expect more. For every ounce of stuff done around us. We’re always surrounded by things neck deep that we barely get time for our loved ones. And so, we don’t call them either. Rather, wait for the other one to make an effort and if the other doesn’t, it becomes our birthright to blame them for being busy and not calling us or not making an effort.

Convenient, isn’t it?

From the times in the school, when sharing about your first crush, or first boyfriend or the many firsts, that used to be the highlight of the day, without which we wouldn’t be able to digest our food, and was the top priority to get it out somehow, to the times when we fight our scariest demon... all alone! And the worst part is we start hiding things. Coz of the fear of being judged, or probably to display that our life is perfect. That we know how to deal with stuff around us!

I don’t know what is it and more importantly, why it is like this!

Things change. Relationships change. Priorities change.

|Something that once seemed so evil becomes the only drug to keep you going.

I, for one, used to be the most caring person around. I used to think about others before myself. I still do. I used to be the one making calls on birthdays to wish the person not-so-special (I've stopped doing that), the one who was always ready to sacrifice and suffer, the one who’d never put herself before anyone else, the one who couldn’t live without her friends, the one whose yapping used to be her thing, the one who couldn’t resist sharing the minutest of details happening in her life. Sharing the particulars of the most silly things that can happen in one’s life, to obviously the ones that are truly worth sharing. And today, when I look at myself, I feel so different. Part of that person inside me has taken a slow death!

I barely text my friends, let alone call them. And I don’t even regret that. If someone calls, it’s fine by me. But that urge to take that extra effort, it doesn’t come. I’m still figuring why?
But the good part is during this process, the ones who are truly yours will always come to you and that makes you happy. Really happy.

Recently, I saw this word and it resonated with my state of mind so well that I want to share it here.

Yes, sometimes I feel Exhaustipated!

I don’t care about things and I feel okay about it! People, who know me well, know how strange it is for me to feel this way.

And this year, the resolution that truly is the highlight and the one I’m religiously working on, is to ‘Speak less’! Yes, you heard that! Loud and clear.

Not that I’m trying to change who I am, but trying to change certain habits that have been doing more harm than good! And no one is responsible for it, but me. Whenever I end up feeling bad, I realize it’s all because of me that I felt the way I did. I’m not blaming anyone, nor am I pointing fingers at anyone, all I’m saying is there are certainly things that I should change about myself, coz no one but me will be the one getting hurt the most!

And in between, I look forward to discovering more of myself. I’m sure it’s going to be worth it.
I think it’s enough for today. Tell me about yourself.

Have you ever done this? Tried to change something about yourself and the way it turned out to be? 

Was it good? Was it worth the try? Share with me all your wisdom and I am all ears here!

Does this post resonate with you? Let me know either way.


Saturday, 7 January 2017

8 Things 2016 taught me

2016 had mostly been a rough year for many of us. For me, it was good in a lot of aspects, yet was quite sluggish towards the end. The joy 2015 on the writing front was nullified in 2016 :P. There were some great travel stories, fun, surprises and a few lessons which I would want to take forward. Sure I am going to share them here on myspace. C'mon, now let's explore them.

1. Your family is the one only who truly loves you the way you are. Everyone else will always do/say things against you at one point in life.

2. No one really cares about things they say they do. 

3. Your work always speaks for you, more than ever you can say for yourself. Love doing it. 

4. Commitment is important. It will always make you a better person. A better version of you. 

5. No one but you can help yourself. Love yourself and discover the power within you. 

6. Try to limit your words. Yes, it's coming from me (:P). This year, I shall be looking towards the art of speaking less. 

7. Observe people around. Watch out their actions. Be more vigilant. This is something, I really really need to learn. Being gullible hasn't been a very positive thing for me. I just believe what people say or show. But there's always more to it. Which I fail to understand or simply just ignore. 

8. Fight for your dreams. At the end of the day, they'll be the ones that will give you peace of mind. 

Writing sure is therapeutic.

I feel happy after writing. And I shall be doing it more often now. Enough of going into the space of not writing!

Looking forward to a lot of things in terms of writing in 2017, which I couldn't do last year. Happy New Year.

What were your lessons from the year gone? Anything you wanna share? 

Happy Reading

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