Monday, 20 February 2017

Vice that help me Be Nice ;)

So this post is an inspiration from the one at Mayuri’s blog and it kind of intrigued me to write one for myself. How strange it is right, to always hold back to virtues we want to keep in our lives and yet we stick to the not-so-good-ones as well.

No matter how much we curse a few sides of our personality, deep down our hearts, we’re happy to have them. And sometimes we’re proud of them as well! Don't you agree?

As much as strength is crucial, isn’t weakness equally significant to shape the perfect ‘you’?

There are certain virtues that make our lives and a few vices that save our lives as well. As I write this, I ponder over a few vices that I’m actually glad I have. C’mon, let’s find out.

For starters, I’m too altruistic! Always having this urge to help others, no matter what circumstances may be and this has often caused problems for me. And this altruism is not for strangers, it’s for the people I’m most attached to. If at all anything is wrong with them, my priority is always to help them out and be with them. Regardless of the fact of what I’m going through or what I’m facing/feeling/suffering and all the ‘ings..’ :p At the end of the day, no matter how difficult the circumstances have been with me, being there for my people always leaves me in peace and have a sound sleep at night.

That incessant need to see good in others! Sometimes, it just gets too much! I always try to see the positive side... even in the most negative people. Sure it’s a good thing, but sometimes, it acts like a sheet of a blanket covering their devilish side, used to blindfold my own eyes!

Oh! And my odd cravings for odd things at odd hours! Talk to my husband about it, and you’ll know the details. Real fine details of my tantrums that I throw when I crave for certain things. When I feel like eating something or let’s say I’m famished, I crave for particular delicacies/stuff (sometimes) but those cravings are really high! And they have to be from a particular place only. Period. Or else, my mood is ruined for the next couple of hours! I know deep down you must pity my husband! I too have done that, but nothing changed! I’ve moved on.

I love being random. Being spontaneous is always something that excites me. Doing things unexpected, planning random surprises without any occasion, making sudden plans of trips or vacations or maybe a drive in the night, gives me thrills! I find it really exciting!

I have this thing of doing things aren’t supposed to be done! Yes, I have this incessant need to do and see how it feels. There were times when we were not allowed to do certain things and yet, I did most of them ;) :P :D. And I am happy and proud of it as well! Such events have their own share of fun I feel!

Isn’t the activity fun? Sure these are vices, but the fun factor and the happiness to indulge in them is to another level! I love having them in me and would never want to change it, ever.

You should try it too and jot them down. You never know, what you may get to learn about yourself.


8 Discussion

  1. For starters, being altruistic and seeing good in others are not at all vices. If at the end of the day, you find peace in being there with loved ones in need and seeing the goodness, it spells out your own goodness as a human being. I agree, however, the rest are clearly vices. May God bless your husband heheh

    1. Yes. I agree. But being too much helpful sometimes turns against you and that is why it's a vice for me!

      Yes, God bless my husband :P


  2. OH I know of a friend who is afflicted with altruism - she gets into such ridiculous scraps becuase of it and gets scolded by me a lot. But she also gets a lot of goodness from it. so its not a bad thing at all - just be careful with whom you reach out to and how!! cheers

  3. I am not altruistic but instead try to stay away. But if I do sense someone truly indeed requires it I try and help out. Hasn't really back fired so far.....

    1. And that is really good! I wish I could be like that!


  4. Altruistic matters a lot in today's busy world. I am glad that you follow your heart and very few people do that, nowadays. A great post to read and get to know about the inner side of you.

    1. Thank you so so much Vishal! I know it is one virtue, I should not leave but most of the times, I'm the one who gets hurt! But the peace it gives is beyond words, for sure!

      Thank you for dropping by :)



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