Friday, 21 April 2017

R- Rich

In the lower middle-class family, a genius boy was born named Sumit. With the frugal money that his parents could save, they made him go to a good school. The boy had a knack for numbers and performed outstandingly well in Maths. He participated in various competitions, science Olympiads, inter-school events and so on. As he bagged prizes in the majority of the competitions, he earned himself a scholarship at IIT coaching classes. And there isn’t any surprise in the fact that he did have admission to the most prestigious institute of the country.

His charm couldn’t escape in college as well and soon everyone knew about him. After college, he bagged a good placement and then got married to a girl from the similar background as theirs.

As both of them were earning, their financial position improved drastically. Sumit made sure to improve their financial status and give his parents a comfortable life. He knew how difficult life had been for his parents and how much they struggled in their youth just to pay for his education. That is why he wanted to be rich. And give his parents a life that they had never dreamt of.

In between all of this his father died. It was a hard time for the family but they survived. Naturally, his mother was devastated, but soon she got the gift of the grandchild and she couldn’t be any happier.

While his wife decided to stay at home for the kids, Sumit soared new heights in his career... promotions and rewards kind of became the occasional thing to celebrate in the family. He made the kind of money that no one in his clan ever made. He had distant relatives who were quite well-off but Sumit left them all behind in the race of making money.

Soon, he became the CEO of the company which was valued a billion dollar enterprise. His work required him to travel overseas and their company knew know limits.

His interviews, articles, his achievements at such a less age were something every news article, magazine and journals were loaded with. He made a huge house for his family... which now had an additional member, his daughter, who was the apple of his eyes.

A lot of events were organized to award him for his achievements in life he was honored at a couple of events and was invited to felicitate the upcoming talent in the country. By this time, he was quite a celebrity. But one thing that made him so dear to everyone was in spite of being at the top and a global face now, he was always grounded to his roots! Never he ever that kind of snobbish attitude. He had always been a down to earth person.

Life was picture perfect. He had a huge house, a beautiful wife, two adorable kids, his mother and all the resources in the world. The family took frequent vacations abroad and lead a luxurious life.

His life is all set... and his wife and children are really lucky to enjoy this kind of life, what else could one ask for, one should live life the way they do, they have no worries in life, the kids too are smart, the mother has a great circle, and the old lady in the house is relishing the days nobody ever thought she would... this is what everyone who knew the family talked about!

They were living the life shown in the movies!

But this was not it. There was another side to it which only the family knew and they were fighting it day and night. Their daughter, who was only 4, was fighting cancer! She was diagnosed with blood cancer when she was 1 and since then, it was all about rushing to the hospitals and getting the right treatment. The doctors had told them she would hardly survive! It would be a miracle if she would be able to make it till 10! Not a single soul in the world knew the family would be going through so much! For, for the world, it was ‘the perfect life’ they were living. While in reality, they were fighting each day!

It didn’t matter then if he had money, it didn’t matter if he was rich and successful... all that mattered was the life of his daughter.


Welcome to my Blog! This A to Z Challenge, my theme is Let’s see the other Side’. Through this theme, I'm trying to giving voice lot of things that go around us and yet I can't do much to bring about the change. I feel, sharing my thoughts in my space here will somewhere make someone think and bring about the change we all want to see!
where I’ll be sharing about the daily nuances that we’ve been seeing in the same way since 1990’s! (:P) But this time you’re going to ponder over it a bit differently.

Feel free to express your thoughts and I'd be all ears!

I hope you have a great time here!

15 Discussion

  1. Oh dear. What a tragedy. DO you really believe you cannot have it all? I know of several people who do have it all.

  2. That's tragic! Some people seem to have it all but don't. Others seem not to be "successful" but are. Quite a paradox, life, no?

  3. This is what we call Destiny dear which is supreme far above all our achievements. Sometimes I doubt if Karma exists??

  4. Just when I was beginning to feel happy for Sumit, the sad twist in the tale shocked me. Why can't people have it all, more so when they worked hard and earned it!

  5. beautiful written. people only see what they are shown, the reality is many times so different. the struggles ofeveryday life goes unknown.
    God Bless that child though

    A Peice Of My Life

  6. How tragic! I knew there will be a twist in the end but this is really sad. Its rightly said life is never perfect.

  7. It's so true. Sometimes, money cannot save our loved ones. It's a human tragedy everywhere and I've seen rich people who are often devastated and their lives are torn apart.

  8. I wonder about this story if yours.I think that they are rich is helping them get the right treatment for their child .Because otherwise they would not be able to afford it ,right ?

  9. Money cannot buy everything, not health, not peace of mind, not happiness...That's such a valuable lesson.

    Shubhangi @ The Little Princess

  10. We pay too much emphasis on money nowadays. Money and social status. How big a car one has? How big a house? Stuff like that. In reality, none of is necessarily important for happiness. And yes, the grass always looks greener on the other side!
    Happy AtoZing!
    Chicky @

  11. How very sad. Yeah we often see the 'perfect happy family' and never get to know what goes on behind the scenes, so to say.

  12. That's quite sad. We all have heard it. You can't have it all, but anybody would be willing to lose wealth instead in this case.

  13. Life is like that. When we have enough of something, fate takes away something else from us. Probably, something even more dearer than what we gained. Interesting read, Geetika.

  14. This is called life. We may have everything yet we may have nothing really.

  15. That's sad. Everyone we meet is fighting a battle we know nothing about!!


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