Monday, 24 April 2017

T- Time

‘No, mumma...  I’m not hungry!’

‘Please eat a little bit, dear’

‘Nooo... I don’t want to... I want to sleep’

‘First, eat a little... then you will have a good sleep’


‘Okay, watch your favorite cartoon and eat... is that okay?’

‘I guess...’

And that is how the routine becomes. The child wouldn’t eat without the gadget and would continue to cry endlessly, to the point that they start to lose their mind... and in the midst of all this, if they let their child spend a few minutes which turn into hours with the gadgets, so that they can get some time to themselves or a little alone time, which promises silence for a change, does sound like a win-win situation at that point!
Sometimes, when mothers want some time to themselves, they end up making their children sit in front of the TV so that they can have some peace for a while! There are a lot of children who don’t want to eat at all... anything at all for that matter, in those cases I’ve seen them feeding their child only French fries or only ice-cream 24*7... Because like this, at least something is going inside their body! 
They do realize it’s not healthy but then not eating too isn’t. Yes, they’ve tried not serving anything at all for hours and yet it didn’t work!

I don’t know if it’s right or wrong... but I do know that they hear a lot from the family and peers about this!

What do you think about this? Is it wrong to let your child play with the gadget if you want some peace or if you want to make your child eat anything peacefully, just give them an electronic device and they will be all fine?


Welcome to my Blog! This A to Z Challenge, my theme is Let’s see the other Side’. Through this theme, I'm trying to giving voice lot of things that go around us and yet I can't do much to bring about the change. I feel, sharing my thoughts in my space here will somewhere make someone think and bring about the change we all want to see!
where I’ll be sharing about the daily nuances that we’ve been seeing in the same way since 1990’s! (:P) But this time you’re going to ponder over it a bit differently.

Feel free to express your thoughts and I'd be all ears!

I hope you have a great time here!

11 Discussion

  1. Yes, this giving gadgets to children is almost the norm now. I reserve my views on it as Mom's know better and being one is one tiring job!

  2. Balance is the key atleast that is what I follow at home buddy. I permit everything in moderation and parallelly make sure I don't give in to tantrums.

  3. Its not the correct thing but yes, I too let him have my phone with youtube poem ON when we are out and its meal time. I am guilty of this but I make sure that his screen time doe not exceed for 30 mins a day. But luckily he eats everything we make at Home and this satisfies me. Hope this too ends soon.

  4. Eating in front of screens can be unhealthy for kids. Giving in and giving up are easier options for parents these days. Its best to have a balance between privileges and rules. Earlier we start, the better.

  5. Oh I see this a lot Geetika. When my kids were small, the gadgets were not that common. But today just to make them eat, parents play a movie, rhymes or cartoons on an Ipad or a laptop and frankly I believe it is not right.

  6. I am not a toddler or even a teenager, but my mom still does that. I mean the part where the mother keeps asking the child to eat, and I am like mom please I am not hungry. This hectic lifestyle has really disturbed all our eating habits, and that's truly sad. I'll certainly try and eat on time now onwards 😃

  7. My Dad always insisted on the whole family eating their meals together. And we would all have to eat the same thing. I kind of like that approach. There has to be a little discipline, especially in the formative years. Once in a while, in case of emergency, is okay. But should not be allowed to make a habit of it.
    Happy AtoZing!
    Chicky @

  8. I don't support using of gadgets to make the child eat. I used to tell stories to my kids when I fed them when they were younger. That way the bonding is more.

    Shubhangi @ The Little Princess

  9. Well Geethika, I will not lie here. My children watch TV in the afternoon and have their lunch after they come from school. But they are given a time limit and for dinner we don't have a TV in our dinner area. That's a family time. Actually , it is a relief when kids are on their own. And I live in joint family, so kids are always busy with some of the members. Nice reading your post.

  10. May be it is okay. But I think mothers should ensure that the kids do not end up spending too much time with the gadgets.


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