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V- Voracious

There lived a poor man in a small town in the state of Gujarat. He worked as a laborer in various fields; dug wells did whatever menial job he could find. Doing this, he made 5000 a month but given the demands of his family, he always fell short of money. No, his family wasn’t greedy but he had four children out which three of them ate the food the amount of two families in a month, in just one week! It was only after when their fourth baby was born, and the increase in the abnormal weight within the first year made them realize that it is in the family. His first daughter is normal and isn’t overweight. But the second one, Yogita (age 5)weighs around 34 kg, next one, Anisha, (age 3) weighs 48kg and his son, Harsh, who is 18 months old weigh 15 kg.
These children are addressed as ‘sumo babies’ by the neighbors. The man in the house makes every possible effort to make his family feed as much as he can. The children start making noises and cry as well if they feel hungry and aren’t fed at that time.

The mother stays in the kitchen all the time and gets frustrated as well sometimes, but then realizes how frustrating it is for her children to not being able to meet their hunger. The children are hungry all the time.

“Yogita and Anisha eat 18 flatbreads, 1.4kg of rice, two bowls of soup, six packets of crisps, five packs of biscuits, 12 bananas and a litre of milk daily. And their extreme hunger means their mother Pragna Ben, 30, spends most of her day making their meals. She said: "My day starts with making 30 chapatis and 1kg vegetable curry in the morning. After that, I am again in the kitchen preparing more food. Their hunger never stops. They demand food all the time and cry and scream if they’re not fed. I am always in the kitchen cooking for them.” Read more:
 The family did get a little help from the government and got the weight loss surgery done but it didn’t help much and now due to lack of funds, the father is now going to sell his kidney in order to make a fund for his morbidly obese three children’s treatment.

Initially, when their daughter was weak, they fed her more and more, due to which she got indulged in the habit of eating voraciously.

The man feels helpless. He can see how harmful it is going to get for his daughters in the future and yet the only option he is left with, is feeding them day and night.

When I discussed this with a couple of people, their response kind of shocked me. People suggested, that the family to give their children to an orphanage or ask anyone to adopt them or simply send them away rather than selling the kidney! Sometimes, I feel how can people simply suggest of abandoning the child when they are parents themselves! I fail to put myself in their shoes and understand their perspective. Parents do every possible thing that they can in the world, for their children. Sending them away would be the last thing to do! 

All I wish for the family is to get the right treatment for their children and find a solution to overcome this huge problem.

You can read more about it here and see the video below:

Welcome to my Blog! This A to Z Challenge, my theme is Let’s see the other Side’. Through this theme, I'm trying to giving voice lot of things that go around us and yet I can't do much to bring about the change. I feel, sharing my thoughts in my space here will somewhere make someone think and bring about the change we all want to see!
where I’ll be sharing about the daily nuances that we’ve been seeing in the same way since 1990’s! (:P) But this time you’re going to ponder over it a bit differently.

Feel free to express your thoughts and I'd be all ears!

I hope you have a great time here!

13 Discussion

  1. Wow that's a strange case. It must be genetic... Unless treated right the kids might have some serious problems later on... Specially issues related to organ failure. I can see how helpless the parents are but giving the kids away must be heartbreaking for all of them.

  2. ouch! this is indeed heartbreaking. I hope they get proper treatment to diagnose why they have so much weight gain!! Poor parents - they must be so helpless!! They must be thinking whether they are doing the right thing by feeding them or not. I cant imagine the mother's plight to cook so much food daily!!

    ​Vanillabeans & Peppercorns

  3. I've never come across this kind of predicament. Must be such a challenge for the poor family to cope with this adversity. It is so easy for people to find easy and heartless solutions like giving away to the children to orphanages. If only they were in the shoes of the parents to know how it feels.

  4. I have read about this family in a couple of places. Really sad indeed! And to think people poke fun at them, how cruel is that!

  5. This is such a disturbing story - on so many levels! I hope the children get the help they need, and the 'people' are granted some sense!

  6. Gosh! That's heartbreaking. Feel sad not only for the parents who are doing all they can for their kids, but also for the kids who have to go through the issues related to this.

  7. I have read about this family. Strange but sad.

  8. I read about the kids in the newspaper, it's so heartbreaking to know how much the poor parents are trying so hard to make ends meet. I hope the kids are cured soon.

    Shubhangi @ The Little Princess

  9. This is definitely a medical issues and needs to be seen and evaluated by a doctor. As for the people and their callous comments,the less said the better.

    Meghan Vogel is a Shining Example of Sportsmanship

  10. Its heartbreaking.

    #apom A Peice of my life
    W for Wine 

  11. I have heard about this and seen the video before. It s really sad and difficult for the parents. Hope they get some medical help soon.

  12. Oh! That is quite tragic. Must make them feel so helpless. Giving their children away is obviously not an option. How can anyone even suggest it? But I do wish that people in such low-income bracket wouldn't produce so many babies. Even if these kids were normal healthy, they'd still be malnourished and wouldn't get decent education.

    Anyway, I got tied up with work yesterday, so couldn't complete my V post. Do visit it today @ A to Z of Happiness: Values. Happy AtoZing!

  13. This is very sad. I do hope there is some treatment for these kids. But seems to be a genetic problem.

    Suzy at Someday Somewhere - Variety of thoughts


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