Saturday, 29 April 2017

Y- Yearning


‘Isn’t she everyone’s favorite?’

‘Yah... especially, the kids! They just love her!’

‘Love her? They adore her! Kids are literally crazy for her! She can get along with almost every kid around. All the mothers get so annoyed because their kids want to stay with her and this woman is always joyful around them. Kids don’t have their meals properly, but with her, it feels like magic. Kids obey her or rather, worship her!’

‘I know! And she spends a good time with them. It is not just with one kid, but every child she meets, she makes them hers. They play with her; want to spend time with her. Kids learn things pretty fast from her!’

‘Exactly! I try to teach my kid so many things but he never learns anything, and with her, everything she will say, he will follow without being cranky!’

‘I don’t know how she is able to do this?’

‘Sometimes, my heart wrenches to see her like this. Such a vibrant girl, full of life, free- spirited and above all, every child’s favorite... yet doesn’t have a child of her own! I’m sure it must break her heart every time she sees a newborn!’

‘I too think the same! She gets along with them so well and see the irony... she doesn’t have her own baby! Sometimes, God plays such unfair games’

‘The way she looks after all of them and the joy she feels in doing so is so special. It is seen in her eyes, how much she yearns for a child of her own! She’s so young... I wonder what the issue is. Why can’t she have her own babies?’

‘It’s sad to see her like this sometimes’

‘But what can we do about it? All we can do is let our children spend time with her. That is all’

‘I guess’

The above excerpt is how people see women without children. Someone married for a long time and is without a kid gives an automated assumption to the society that the woman can’t have kids or there is some medical issue with her and that is why she is without a child. Nobody cares to think that it may be her choice to not have kids. It may be her decision to be like this forever. And we must respect this! Sometimes, I feel why can’t one see a woman complete without a child? I know children are important but not everyone wants a child in life. Playing with kids, spending time with them, getting along well with them doesn’t necessarily has to mean that the woman wants one and can’t have one! The above story is of a similar woman I know who is extremely happy with her life and yet everyone thinks, she isn’t because she has said ‘no’ to motherhood!


10 Discussion

  1. Honestly, you could be me. I chose not to have a child and this is the exact scenario I face. People have gone on to the extent of calling my husband and me selfish for not having kids and taking appointments for me from 'miracle worker doctors' :)))

  2. Honestly, you could have written about me, is what the 1st line is meant to be.

  3. What a beautiful thought you have put across Geets! This is so validly true in our Indian society. Saddest part is that women do this to other women!!
    Theme: Peregrination Chronicles (travel)
    Y is for You have got mail in Udaipur #atozchallenge

  4. Isn't it weird the way judges her and she does not even owe them an explanation. The world does not deserve it.

  5. We actually see this even in the educated class (dare I say, especially in...) Have heard this same nonsense among famous and influential doctors, often in the midst of sizable audiences too. Felt horrible for the woman being spoken of... why should her life and choice be their business?

    Yayha Hashemi & Ala Amiry are True Heroes of Kindness

  6. Being judgmental is our national time pass, sadly!

  7. I can feel her pain right now.
    Its hard.
    Thank you for this read.

    A Peice Of My Life

  8. I have friends who are going through this. And all I can do is be empathetic to them. Our society can be heartless at certain times.

  9. A lot of my friends choose not to have kids and my daughter is also part of that pack. Doesn't make them lesser beings. Thanks for blogging on this issue.

    Suzy at Someday Somewhere - You are ...


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