Sunday, 30 April 2017

Z- Zero

In a big town, lived a small family. The man, the wife, and two sons. Very simple, very down to earth people...especially, the man of the house. The family was never bothered about anyone in the world. Their network and resources were limited to their own self. No friend circle, no socializing, no close relatives or family members to lean on or let’s just say, they weren’t that close to anyone for that matter.

The man owned a small cosmetic business and made frugal money. As his sons grew old, their expenses started increasing. They weren’t given a fancy education and so the boys didn’t turn out to be that smart. Thus, they became the laughing stock at every place they went. All their cousins were rich and received good exposure in their careers, while these boys were pertained to the vicinity of their small town. They didn’t know how to deal with the world; they had no idea how to handle difficult situations and thus, ended up being bullied by distant cousins most of the times.

Their parents knew everything but couldn’t do anything about it. They thought that the boys will learn with age.

Unfortunately, they didn’t!

The family was always late to wherever they reached! Be it a wedding or a general get together, the family was never on time, because all four of them were dead slow, therefore again becoming a point for everyone to laugh at.

In the midst of meeting ends in life and not caring about anyone around or forgoing that competitive spirit, the man was left way behind. He was so simple and sweet that when people made fun of him, he never got the joke and just gave a passing smile to be a part of the conversation!

As his son came of age to get married, he bought a small flat for his family to live. And yet, when people came in, they never really appreciated the man because at this time his son had joined the small business without contributing much. He wanted to sit in the shop as a part time thing and while away the rest of the time with his friends.

Everyone thought that when the boys would join the business, they would expand and open a new line but here, they started fighting over who will sit for how much time in a day!

The family was soon labeled as a zero! Zero in everything... zero in working, zero at growing, zero at networking, zero at earning... it was only zero that everyone talked and nothing beyond that when the name of the family was mentioned.
The boys always blamed their father for a life like this! They would find faults in him for not making enough money or not give them a luxurious life or accused him of his simplicity!

While the man, on the other hand, kept wondering what did he ever do wrong? Any place he went, everyone made fun of him, his parents boycotted him and left him on road to make a life of his own and he did... but couldn’t make it large... he couldn’t make it big. He was an honest man and never really found means of making more through unfair means. And today, when he is trying to put this value system in his sons, he is being lampooned for the same!

Sure we live in times, where honesty and simplicity are hardly given any value!


9 Discussion

  1. This is so sad to hear; wonder what is the solution to this?

    Congratulations Geets on finishing this wonderful challenge; loved reading you all this month and thanks for your support to my blog too!!Cheers

    Theme: Peregrination Chronicles (travel)
    Z is for Zen in the Glen #atozchallenge

  2. If not now, sooner or later he will reap the benefit of his honesty, I'm sure...Karma definitely gets around...

    Thank you being a part of my A to Z! I enjoyed being a part of yours!
    Shubhangi @ The Little Princess

  3. I wonder what could have made the sons so lazy.
    congratz on completing the challenge :D

  4. sad really... I wish it weren't true but many a time, the good guys lose :(

    Congrats on successfully finishing the AtoZcHALLENGE :)

    Principal Mo Zhengao was a Truly Selfless Hero

  5. This happens. The society actually looks down on such simple and innocent people. Street-smartness and shrewdness is given more respect, on the other hand. It was great connecting with you during A-Z. I enjoyed reading your posts. Congratulations on the successful completion of the challenge!

  6. Superb tale, Geetika. People always have time to criticize other and they don't realize how counter productive it is. Honesty and simplicity are things that feeble minds can never understand/

  7. I felt sad for the family, and more so for the man. Zero is actually very valuable, it can turn 1 into 10 or 100 01 1000:)
    Congratulations on finishing the challenge. I loved reading The Other Side of everything!

  8. hhhmmmm....sad and a bitter truth of our society....
    but the question is what can one do....???
    well, I personally feel that one has to change with time if at all he/she want to be in this race of life because simplicity only is not going to give bread n butter of the life...
    BTW, one post daily is not that easy I suppose and you people are doing...well done...
    for me its even difficult to read each an every post of this series, even then will try to catch up with your previous posts of this series.....

  9. Congratulations on finishing the challenge, I loved your theme :)


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