Monday, 8 May 2017

The Month that went by... #AtoZReflections


I sense relief within me with a little bit of heavy heart at the same time. The blog hopping, commenting, replying, sharing... it was a phase full of utter madness and it paid off! It always does! And it always leaves you with a sense of pride.

The month was all about managing my time better, the discipline that is required to carry it off and the lessons learned.

As the AtoZ fever was in the air when the year started by, I had made up my mind on participating for the third consecutive year. Though, I did not think anything beyond that.

As February went by, a dear friend was getting all paranoid about the theme and asked me about it at the same time and I was like, dude... it’s Feb! I have a whole month to think and plan and write...

What I did not realize was this month wouldn’t just pass but would run like an Olympic athlete!

Coming up with the theme:

As always, I was confused and finally went with my heart. There was a reason behind choosing the theme I chose.

It often happens when there are certain things that happen around me and I don’t really feel comfortable about it. I am not that articulate when it comes to keeping my perspective in a group (especially family) and that is when I feel the urge to put it somewhere, to show the other side, to think from another angle different from the way everyone has been seeing all their lives, that there is so much more beyond the stereotypes, that whatever everybody does is always for a reason and explaining all of that to a bunch of people who will never come to the point of agreement, it is kind of futile.

It was all these thoughts that inspired me to come up with this theme, where I thought of writing down everything that I think, follow and believe.

I often hear, what I talk is impractical (for example, my stand on divorced women or looking beyond looks for any marriage or having a baby or not is completely one’s choice and the likes), that all of it happens in books, television series or movies. In reality, it is much more complicated. I completely vouch for it being complicated but I also vouch for the fact that it exists, that things are changing around us and that we need to change ourselves if we want the change in our society.

A to Z feelings:

Expressing my thoughts this A to Z Challenge was beyond gratifying. It made me happy because I realized I wasn’t the only one who thinks this way. With like-minded bloggers, I got an immense support and motivation, not to mention wings to my thoughts and confidence to express them loud out there.

The Discipline that came with A to Z:

Initially, I had close to 18 posts scheduled (which is so not me!) and I was doing fine but as they were coming to an end, I was panicking because I was falling out of stories but eventually every day in the evening, I sat down and wrote the post for the next day and scheduled it and started with my blog hopping.

It was the first time I had scheduled these many posts and I was happy that I did. Writing every day became kind of a ritual that I would want to continue with. April is now over and this is just the second blog post this month but I am writing every day without fail. I hope to continue this way.

Lessons Learned:

What I understood this month is when we have a deadline coming up or a challenge that we take up, we make our minds continuously think and ponder over things; we push ourselves (beyond our limits) to the extent that we never do otherwise and feel surprised for the way we perform. I, for one, have countless thoughts in my mind which I feel like writing but I don’t. I just postpone (which I am expert at) and make an excuse to myself. I assume on my own that the topic is not worthy of being written or desirable enough to form a blog post.

But this time, even the slightest or tiniest of the idea took the shape of a complete blog post. It was kind of an eye-opener for me and I’d like to keep my eyes open now.

Contented with the numbers:

I’m not a number person. Yes, I do feel happy when I reach a certain benchmark but I don’t get finicky if I don’t have them. This year, during the A to Z, my blog entered the 6-digit figure and it felt contended and worthy of everything, worthy of investing time in my blog and the peace of mind that comes with it.

Readers Choice:

Arranged Marriage’ was one post that caught maximum attention with the highest number of views. Other posts that intrigued the readers and compelled them to think over were Beautiful Bride, Extra Marital Affair, Identity, Quit and Understand.

You can read all the posts here.


All in all, it was fun writing all month and I am happy that I survived!

A big Thank you to everyone who stopped by and encouraged me with their beautiful comments and thank you to the ones who did not stop by (it only pushed me more to improve my content).

So tell me, did you participate this year? How was it? What did you learn? Where did you struggle the most?


17 Discussion

  1. I loved all your posts, Geetika. They were thought provoking and had a refreshingly innocent tone to their narrative. Congratulations, once again, on successfully completing the challenge!

    1. You did?! I can't be any happier! Thank you so much for being a regular visitor on my blog all month and I felt more than happy to have you here :)
      Look forward to hear more from you :)


  2. Congratulations on completion of the challenge.Enjoyed your views .Keep writing .

  3. Congratulations on the hat trick, GG!
    I loved your theme and your posts. Made me think, and rethink. Awesome!

    1. Purpose solved! That is what I wanted out of it :)


  4. You did brilliantly GG - now sit back and take some time to work on the ebook if you want to!!! Holler if you need help! Cheers

    1. I will! It's all your pushing that is making me go ahead with the ebook!
      Thank you so much, S!


  5. Your blog was one of my daily visits and I must say I was happy I found you on the web. Your thoughts did reach out to me and made me question many of my own beliefs . See you next year!

    1. Thank you so much! It means a lot when it is coming from you. I'm happy the posts were able to touch you and strike a chord at the same time!


  6. I enjoyed your posts, tho i am afraid i was ir--regular, which i shall rectify in later weeks :) congrats on a wonderful AtoZ, which inspired us to think beyond too!

  7. Its always a good time to retrospect... Your post made me sit back and think too :)

  8. Oh, well done sweetie! Fun to read your post- makes me even more sure - that next year yup I'm back in the race. This year I did some travelling - and totally offline in april - which was amazing too!!! hugs

  9. Congrats on surviving! I enjoyed your posts though I'm yet to finish reading them given that I was away the last 10 days of the challenge. Your theme was great!

  10. Geetika..I completely enjoyed all your posts. I liked the fact that they were related to everything that is happening around us and realities of life. Congrats on #Atoz completion. :)

  11. Geetika!! I am very recent visitor to your blog. Its amazing i love each and every thing you published in this AtoZ Challenge..It is always said while reading may be a book or blog you get connected to it one or the other, I felt that in your blog specially Arranged Marriage I see myself in that.. Keep writing more and more... Now when ever I find time i go through your blog random pages.. You are in my bookmarks!!! Thank you!

  12. I enjoyed reading your posts for AtoZ, and girl 18 posts? Wow! You are a rockstar! I couldn't participate this time because I was busy enjoying my sister's wedding, but I will be in next time for sure.


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