Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Day 5: Book: When art thou write?


Don’t we all dream of writing our books one day?

A dream that seems so distant yet so close. A dream that we all chase and want to live one day… a dream that makes us write religiously, a dream that doesn’t lets us give up on our thoughts… a dream so far yet so close!

The thought of seeing your name on the cover page of a book, the confidence to finally call yourself an ‘Author’, the idea to finally see all your hard work in paper right before your eyes…. Aren’t all these moments truly enchanting?

We all think of writing a book one day and it’s not only with the bloggers or writers or people who are fairly familiar with writing but as human beings, we all think of writing a book one day and yet very few of us actually write one.

Do you know, one of the top regrets that people have when they are on their death bed? It’s writing that book.... which never happened because they were so occupied making a life that they forgot to live it or do something they really wanted to do.

That’s the thing with all of us… we all think we have time… lots of time and yet one fine day we fall short of the uncountable time we had. The irony, isn’t it?

I too want to write a book and I am not waiting for that perfect day to begin but I am struggling with the inspiration… I am battling with the topic or the niche or anything you want to call it. I want the book to be like a book… something really solid, worth reading, something that readers would love to hook up to…. That is the reason why I dropped the idea of the e-book of the A to Z challenge. I felt that my posts were good as blog posts but not as strong and compelling to take the shape of a book. I realized the flaws in my writing from compiling it in a book’s perspective and I learned that there was so much more that was required to be written in order to make it call a…. BOOK.

We all learn with time and the learning never stops and that is what keeps us going.

With that note, I am going to take off with that dream in my eyes of writing on an exemplary book... One day!

Tell me what you have got to say on that?


4 Discussion

  1. Hmm I like that you're not ready to compromise on the kind of book you will write. However, don't wait too long, just go with your instinct and start working on it.

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  3. I think you should have gone ahead with your ebook. That would have encouraged you further :)

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