Friday, 12 January 2018

10 Things No One Knows About Me

There are certain things that everyone knows about us and then there are the ones which no one knows. People do think they know us in and out but only we know how much truth holds in that statement ;). And so, I decided to make a list of things about me which no one knows. I'm not sure if it's going to be fun but sure wanted to give it a try.

Go ahead and read them all.

1.   I am way too sensitive than anyone will ever know. Even the tiniest of things affect me and yes, I try too hard not to overthink think or expect anything, yet a thousand thoughts refuse to leave my head.

2.   People around me think they know everything about me but there is always something that they don’t know. And that something involves major details of my life :P. So if you think you know everything about me or know me too well, think again!

You think you know all my secrets, ha? :P

My judgment often finds its way when it comes to giving suggestions to others and most of them turn out to be helpful as well. But at the same time, when it comes myself, all my sense of decisiveness goes to Mars I guess. I have no clue about what to do, how to do, should I do it or not and fail to discriminate between what is right and what is wrong. That’s the reason why I feel so miserable at times.

I'm mostly wrong about myself! (Rolling eyes)

No matter how hard I try, I’m not able to market myself well be it about my work or things I do in my personal life. I am never able to show it off or portray about doing it. I strongly feel why do I have to flaunt it or boast it in front of people about the good thing that I did. People will learn about it anyway. I should focus on doing well. 

If only flaunting it off was as easy as flaunting a dress!

I may look a confident, independent girl on the outside but deep down I’m just the opposite. And by opposite I mean, anything but these adjectives (or at least that is how my state of mind is at the moment).


   People see me as someone who is always surrounded with friends and family, etc. and hence I always have someone to go to every time, (sure, I have people around) yet, I see myself as a lonely person.

That's how it is when I'm stuck with problems

I’ve almost forgotten how to lie. I don’t know if it is a good thing or bad but whatever is there in my heart or whatever little knowledge I have I share it exactly the way it is. No twisting and turning. I’ve forgotten how to manipulate things. Again, wondering if it’s good or bad. Given the times we live in, I feel it’s mostly on the downside.

Yes! That's me at lying

I strictly follow the tit-for-tat principle. I do things the way they are done to me. And I often fail to make the first move. *Rolling eyes*


Sometimes, what people think of me means everything to me. I know, it’s not right but that is how it gets so many times.

10.  There used to be a time when I was good at making friendships. People still think I am great with networking, but only I know how terrible I’ve become at making contacts and maintaining them.

Me at making contacts

I don’t know if I should be sharing it all here or not and I also, am aware of the risk of writing it here. But then I feel, this is my blog which is an image of myself and I’m sure all of us have our weaknesses. It's just I chose to write it down here.

And it took a great deal of time to come out with them and share it with everyone.

Care to share what no one knows about you? I’d be happy if you’re doing a post on it. Otherwise too, I’d be glad to know.


8 Discussion

  1. Nice post! Telling a lie takes so many muscles and mind to stress it seems. It is not good. Not telling a lie a strength. Tit-for-tat principle is good. I wish I also can do the same for some people.

  2. Interesting write up, I had enjoyed reading it. it takes a courage to being open out your own weakness and you had done it so beautifully. I co-relate with so many things especially market yourself. it is equally hard for me.

  3. Those are some interesting tidbits, Geetika! Good to know you ;) (If I can say that)
    The part that I most relate is about lies. I can't lie or fake and I find it a good thing. I am an introvert so most times, I am on my own in my head. I wish I could give back to people as they do to me. I end up getting in a shell.

  4. Agree, there are very few people who know us inside out but funny they pretend to. There is a part of me that I will never let anyone know. I am also bad at networking, is an overthinker and not comfortable making first move at people.

  5. You've been courageous to open up about these things. The hardest thing is feeling lonely when surrounded by people. I felt like that for about a couple of years till mid last year. Slowly, I've been feeling less so but that's because I think I'm opening up and showing my vulnerabilities while making connections. Taking to heart what people think of you can be a huge detriment to how you feel about yourself. It's probably why you are currently having quite negative views of yourself. In the end, you are never going to be able to please everyone. You are your own person and while it will take time and effort, you must accept yourself and be kind to yourself regardless of how others views you. I hope things start to feel better soon

  6. It's great to know more about the creator of the posts :-)

  7. I know well too that lies are bad and hard to do. But, sometimes i have tell to lies in order to get work people to do it. U know? You inspire me to be a good farmer and a husband. But because i am as they say gay, i feel my lies are needed. U know? Please tell me how you do bad things to ❤️

  8. wow this is something new i am reading. Nice post.


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