Wednesday, 21 November 2018

Of the Days gone by...

In these last few years, if I have realized learned one thing about myself is that I am NOT visionary! And I pay its price each time for not being one. And yet, I try each day, before each event, before every big day that takes place. No matter how much I plan beforehand, there is something or the other I miss. Seldom does it ever happen when everything is perfect.

Luckily, when my baby was born, I had everything I needed at the hospital (thanks to all the Youtube videos and family members). Those nine months were all about resting, laughing, eating hogging food and sleeping. I wasn’t doing anything per se (except making a baby, which is also a great deal), and thus I turned into this lazy person.

I remember hating to sleep coz it wastes time but these 9 months and the rest that followed later, plus that extra weight I gained on every part of my body, kind of stuck me to wherever I settled. Simple chores for me became huge tasks, moving around the house felt more like a burden and all I wanted to do was sit at one place and boss everyone around to give me my stuff, my food, my phone, my charger, everything. And all of this made me crankier. Also, the thought that my behavior would affect my baby literally ate me and thus I couldn’t act too much cranky, thus becoming even more frustrated.

One thing I noticed is hardly anyone talks about Post-Partum. The knowledge on this subject is rare and isn’t even much spoken about and thus I am going to write a post on this. Coz I need to more than I have to!

When I started writing this post, I had a few things in mind but because I/m writing after a long time, all the thoughts that crossed my mind one after the other took the form of words here. I’m sure you must have noticed this while reading it.

How has life been treating you guys? What new is going on? Any new news you want to share?

Hope to hear you out J

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