Wednesday, 21 November 2018

Of the Days gone by...


In these last few years, if I have realized learned one thing about myself is that I am NOT visionary! And I pay its price each time for not being one. And yet, I try each day, before each event, before every big day that takes place. No matter how much I plan beforehand, there is something or the other I miss. Seldom does it ever happen when everything is perfect.

Luckily, when my baby was born, I had everything I needed at the hospital (thanks to all the Youtube videos and family members). Those nine months were all about resting, laughing, eating hogging food and sleeping. I wasn’t doing anything per se (except making a baby, which is also a great deal), and thus I turned into this lazy person.

I remember hating to sleep coz it wastes time but these 9 months and the rest that followed later, plus that extra weight I gained on every part of my body, kind of stuck me to wherever I settled. Simple chores for me became huge tasks, moving around the house felt more like a burden and all I wanted to do was sit at one place and boss everyone around to give me my stuff, my food, my phone, my charger, everything. And all of this made me crankier. Also, the thought that my behavior would affect my baby literally ate me and thus I couldn’t act too much cranky, thus becoming even more frustrated.

One thing I noticed is hardly anyone talks about Post-Partum. The knowledge on this subject is rare and isn’t even much spoken about and thus I am going to write a post on this. Coz I need to more than I have to!

When I started writing this post, I had a few things in mind but because I/m writing after a long time, all the thoughts that crossed my mind one after the other took the form of words here. I’m sure you must have noticed this while reading it.

How has life been treating you guys? What new is going on? Any new news you want to share?

Hope to hear you out J


9 Discussion

  1. Nurturing a baby IS a big deal, Geetika! Take care of yourself. You need energy and enthusiasm to be a Mom. Post Partum experience is not easy to deal with. Talk to your doc. There are online communities where members share their experiences and that's quite comforting. Hugs!

    1. Thank you for best wishes, Vidya Ma'am. I feel much better now and hence this blogpost. I struggled a lot after delivering the baby. I hope things now stay on track. Hugs <3

  2. Post Partum depression is very real Geetika. Little babies are a lot of work. The sleepless nights and the constant stress only makes it worse. Don't be too hard on yourself Geetika. When the twins were born I was lost for two whole years. I forgot my hobbies and even my health suffered. That, when I had plenty of help including a live in maid. So I'll say, relax as much as you can, sleep, write.. maybe see a counsellor if you don't feel good. Hugs.

    1. And imagine, there was a time when I thought this word can't be true! I'm sure with the twins it must have been a major task. You're a really strong women, Tulika! I can imagine everything taking a toll. Glad you came out of it.


  3. It's no easy task for a woman carrying and delivering a child. Heard about past partum depression that many women faced and read it in Sonali Bhendre's book on her motherhood experience. Take care of yourself and do not neglect help. Write, laugh and do anything making you happy. Agree counseling is a must in today's times.

    1. Thank you so much, Vishal. It is always a pleasure to hear from you :)


  4. Making a baby is a lot of work. Glad you are back to writing cos to me it shows, you are back to being you along with being a mum. Take care and keep writing. We will be around to cheer you!

  5. This phase is tricky, and post-partum depression is very real, and shockingly common, even though it's not discussed as widely. So don't be too hard on yourself, and give yourself some grace. It does get better, and easier. In the meanwhile, big tight hugs to you dearie.

  6. Proud of you and proud of a every women who do that, giving a birth to a new life is incredible thing. take care and keep writing and inspiring people.


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