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So many posts and so less time... I know, I get that. Let me make it simple for you.Why don't you hop on to the ones that are reader's favorite? You can thank me later :)

1. A-to-Z of Me

2. 10 Things I do when Husband is NOT in town :P

3. An Open Letter to my 16-year-old self

4. A Date with Myself

5. I am what I am

6.  Let's create the Legacy

7. 99 Things I love

8. Ten to One: Know me more

9. Happiness is.. being Special

10. Cookie Meme

11. I'm Weird because..

12. R- Rogue

13. My partner in crime

14. Now I know..

15. Inside Heart

16. Why I blog

17. Locking Lips

18. Year of firsts that was 2015

19. The Valiance Soul

20. Fortune in the Belly

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